Product review ~ Post Road Soap Company

Along with her interview, Vanessa at Post Road Soap Co. sent a couple of samples of her products.

First was a bar of soap that I was so excited to try, I forgot to take a photo. :S
I don't see an image of it on her Facebook page, and at the moment her site is down, but it looked more or less like the photo below, only with black in it as well.

The scent was pleasant, not overpowering or overly floral. It made great lather, too. I could easily see this bar, properly cared for, lasting a month or more. Sadly, my grandchildren also loved it, and it saw a quick end.

Homemade soaps need to be allowed to re-dry after use, or they tend to go fast. My grandkids are enthusiastic bathers, but notsomuch with the putting away of things when they're done. Therefore, we had a problem very few adults will have: the black tended to run when left unattended on a wet shower shelf. Since it's soap, it cleaned up pretty quickly and easily.

I guarded the mud mask much more carefully.

It's easy to use: just mix with water to make a paste, smooth on, let dry and rinse off. My skin felt smooth and clean.

Bonus: wearing it it startled the grandkids, which is always good fun.

Vanessa blogs occasionally at, with great information about essential oils, and making your own products. She also offers soap making classes.

I'm looking forward to trying some of her other products, too.


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