Dining ~ Kitchen ~ Providence

94 Carpenter St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 272-1117
Bus routes 17, 19, 28 or 28

Quite by accident I stumbled upon Kitchen on a Sunday morning while walking from Broadway to Westminster up Dean Street.


It's a cute little place with a giant serving spoon for a door handle on the outside
door pull exterior

and a cookie press roller door handle on the inside.
door pull

When I say little, I mean tiny. Two-seater tables line one wall, and some four-seaters on the other, and I don't think you'll fit 25 people in the place, including staff. It means lines out the door to wait for a table, but it also means a quaint/Colonial inn type feel when you finally get inside.
Kitchen's kitchen

The menu is on the wall in chalk. I was aghast at the price for bacon: $2.50 per slice. Everything else seemed reasonable, so I tried a Big Breakfast (French toast, eggs, hash browns and bacon or sausage).
big breakfast

As soon as it arrived, I realized why the bacon was so expensive. Not only is it hand-cut on site, but it's cut into thick, generous slabs. I'd never seen bacon this thick before in my life!

The eggs were cooked perfectly, the hash browns were good, and the French toast was excellent. The bacon was really good - not too salty with a nice smoky tang. As thick as it was, I had plenty left over. The big breakfast really is big.

I would recommend Kitchen for anyone with a small party (four or less), and plenty of time to wait for the tables to turn over. Preferably a sunny day, because there's no room to wait indoors. But if you've got the time and the patience, it's worth the wait.


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