Books ~ Monumental Providence ~ Paul F. Caranci & Heather A. Caranci

I stumbled across Monumental Providence thanks to an article in the August 2015 issue of East Side Monthly called "What Writers Read."

(page 21)

The article provided some great ideas for local authors to read, and being a bit of a history geek, I started out by going to Paul Caranci's website to see his list of works.

I was excited to find Monumental Providence, and regular readers can guess why: I love art of all kinds and am fascinated by the stories behind public art and how it came to be where it is. I read it in a day, and it was chock-full of new (to me) information about the art we see every day, and the pieces that are outside our usual path.

I'll be scouring Providence to find every one of these monuments and statuary, and share them here.

In the references was an even bigger surprise: Caranci lists a couple of I {heart} Rhody posts as references! I'm so honored and thrilled...I had no idea.

Two other of Caranci's books are on my TBR pile: The Hanging and Redemption of John Gordon and North Providence. We live right near the North Providence border, so it will be really informative to learn about the neighboring town.

Monumental Providence and Caranci's other books are available on Amazon - or better yet, at local bookstores around Rhode Island.


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