Architecture ~ First Universalist Church of Burrillville ~ Harrisville

First Universalist Church of Burrillville
134 Harrisville Main St.
Burrillville, Rhode Island


When I attended the Preservation Conference, our tour of Harrisville had a boxed lunch in the common room of the Universalist Church. As we walked in the entrance, I gasped.

Entering from ground level, you can either go up or down stairs. Looking up, there was a remarkable work of stained glass in an office outside the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a combination of the simple and the ornate. Largely undecorated white walls and subtly patterned pew cushions make a stark backdrop for the impressive pipe organ and massive chandelier.



There's very little information available about the history of the church. From what I recall, it was built plainly, as is customary for Unitarian Universalists. This might have been in 1901. In the 1930s, it was reconstructed by Austin P. Levy, a prominent local mill owner, to better fit his ideal of a typical New England village.

The women from the church were very welcoming as we ate our lunch.

The common room - the only other place I saw while we were there, was modest, with a charming kitchen at the back.


I was so charmed by the church. I wish I had more information about it.


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