Artists ~ Toni Tubridy ~ Narragansett

Artist’s name: Toni Tubridy
Shop name: TT Totes

1. Tell us about your work
I make one of a kind totes and handbags from a variety of different fabrics. I pay special attention to every detail to ensure a quality product for my customers at a reasonable cost.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I have always enjoyed sewing and made many of my own clothing as well as for my three daughters. While my girls were in school I needed something to keep me occupied as I did a lot of volunteering in their schools. I saw an ad for a seamstress who could work from home so that's how I became involved in making handbags. I made handbags for someone else using his fabrics and patterns. After 5-6 years it became rather mundane and I soon became bored with making the same bags over and over. With the encouragement from my girls I decided to strike out on my own and that's how TT Totes was born! I use my own patterns and decide which fabrics to use. I can be as creative as I want and I love it!

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from looking at a piece of fabric and envisioning what type of bag to make from it. I consider the feel of the fabric and if it has a design on it.

4. What’s your favorite item to create?
My favorite item to create is the crossbody messenger bag. It's so versatile in that it can be worn either over the shoulder or across the chest thus keeping your hands free.

5. What’s your best seller?
My best seller is the crossbody messenger because of it's versatility.

6. How long have you been in Rhode Island?
I was born in RI but moved to Massachusetts when I got married in 1978. We raised our family there but we always had a summer house here which we used on the weekends in the summer. We always said that once our girls were out on their own that we would make RI our permanent residence. Well we did that 3 years ago and haven't looked back.

7. What do you {heart} about Rhode Island?
What I love about RI is that it's such a small state that everyone knows everyone for the most part. People are friendlier here and the lifestyle is a little slower paced. And the beaches are beautiful!


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