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From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

DSC_9516 by Roger LeJeune

Sunset, Narragansett Bay, from Bristol, RI 2015 by Peter Rintels

Untitled by MrsLamontagne423

Providence, RI photo adventure by Kelsey Garcia

The Town Pound, 1845 by Frank Grace

Chasing Waterfalls...Lincoln, RI by Fire In The Eye Photography

Sunset at Rocky Point by Eric Harrison

Chasing a Dragon..... by Donna St.Pierre

Samuel S. Collyer Memorial by ArtFan70

Volvo Ocean Race: Newport stop by alex feuti

Events ~ Spaulding House Virtual Tour Launch Party ~ Pawtucket ~ June 7

Joseph Spaulding House Virtual Tour Launch Party
Coutu Theater
Saint Raphael Academy
123 Walcott St.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
June 7, 2015; 1:00 pm

Artists ~ Kendra Whitcomb ~ Smithfield

Artist’s name: Kendra Whitcomb
Shop name: Kendra Rose Photography

1. Tell us about your work:
I specialize in Lifestyle & Conceptual photography but I don't limit myself to only those. I incorporate enchanted elements into the majority of my shoots, giving it a whimsical and story-like feel. I also promote positive body image through my shoots hoping to inspire and empower women.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I've always had a visually creative side.. starting when I was a pre-teen. I picked up a camera and never put it down. I decided I never really wanted to go to school for photography as it just wasn't for me but I knew I wanted to take my photography to the next level. I put my heart and soul into all aspects of my business and started promoting, networking and creating a name for…

Events ~ Providence International Arts Festival announces Artist Roster

From the press release...

New signature Festival to use buildings as canvases and musical instruments,
and showcase local, national and international artists

PROVIDENCE, RI – Today, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and FirstWorks Executive Artistic Director Kathleen Pletcher announced the artist roster of the PROVIDENCE INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL set for June 13th, 2015, with extended events taking place June 11th-14th. In this first-ever signature event, arts and culture stage a friendly takeover of the city with 500 artists, 30 public art installations, 15 stages, 18 participating venues, 6 outdoor bars, 3 jaw dropping spectacles, and much more. The dramatic scale and scope of this marquee Festival in the “Creative Capital” of Rhode Island is due to the public-private partnership forged between the City’s Department of Art, Culture + Tourism and FirstWorks, a Providence-based non-profit organization dedicated to buildi…

Events ~ Hope St. Spring Block Party ~ Providence ~ June 6

Hope Street Spring Block Party
Providence, Rhode Island
June 6, 2015, 12 - 6:00 pm

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Volvo Ocean Race: Newport stop by alex feuti

Hands by ArtFan70

Where The Magic Happens...... by Donna St.Pierre

Scarborough Beach Ruins. Narragansett, RI #beach #landscape #architecture #photography #water #clouds #instagram #streetphotography #photo #history #freelance #beautiful #awesome by Fire In The Eye Photography

Events ~ Rhode Island Creative Magazine's Annual Makers Event ~ June 26 ~ Pawtucket

Rhode Island Creative Magazine's
Annual Makers Event
June 26, 2015  6pm - 9pm

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Artists ~ Toni Tubridy ~ Narragansett

Artist’s name: Toni Tubridy
Shop name: TT Totes

1. Tell us about your work
I make one of a kind totes and handbags from a variety of different fabrics. I pay special attention to every detail to ensure a quality product for my customers at a reasonable cost.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I have always enjoyed sewing and made many of my own clothing as well as for my three daughters. While my girls were in school I needed something to keep me occupied as I did a lot of volunteering in their schools. I saw an ad for a seamstress who could work from home so that's how I became involved in making handbags. I made handbags for someone else using his fabrics and patterns. After 5-6 years it became rather mundane and I soon became bored with making the same bags over and over. With the encouragement from my girls I decided to strike out on my own and that's how TT Totes was born! I use my own patterns and …

Architecture ~ Chepachet Baptist Church

Chepachet Free Will Baptist Church
1213 Putnam Pike
Chepachet, Rhode Island

During the Preservation Conference, I attended a talk about the history of the Chepachet Meeting House (now the Chepachet Free Will Baptist Church).

The building and congregation have a long and storied history, as does the architecture of New England meeting houses in general.

The congregation gathered in 1822 and occupied the Meeting House, which was built in 1821 by the Proprietors of the Chepachet Meeting House, who still own the building today.

The building is designed in the Federal style, which emphasizes symmetry and balance. The architect was Elias Carter. Carter also designed churches and public buildings up and down the east coast, from New Hampshire to Georgia.

The sanctuary can hold about people. 135 on the main floor, and another 100 in the balconies.

The building was expanded by adding a vestry in 1892. In 1840 the pew pattern was modified, and in the late 1800s, the traditional high pulpit was …

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Quieting The Mind..... by Donna St.Pierre

The Supper At Emmaus by ArtFan70

19 Myette-Plasse by Frank Grace

Scarborough Beach Ruins. Narragansett, RI #beach #landscape #architecture #photography #water #clouds #instagram #streetphotography #photo #history #freelance #beautiful #awesome by Fire In The Eye Photography

Stormy by Eddy

Untitled by MrsLamontagne423

Misty girls by Keith Bragg

Newport, Rhode Island is beautiful by Kelsey Garcia

Artists ~ Laura Henkin ~ North Kingstown

Artist’s name: Laura Henkin
Shop name: LnKDesigns

1. Tell us about your work. 
I'm a little bit different from some other crafters because I work in three different mediums. I hand-carve Swedish Star Lights from bass wood and then assemble and add LED lighting to the lights. I also absolutely love to make Swarovski Crystal jewelry and dog collars/leashes and I hand-paint glass jewelry as well. Finally, I make Treasure Soap in fun shapes and sizes (think Titanic sinking ships and Death Star soap or small owls or bricks and minifigures for party favors) and I embed Lego and Disney minifigures in the middle of a bar of soap for fun to encourage kids to wash their hands! Basically, I try to make beautiful things that make people feel happy and peaceful.

2. How did you come to be a professional artis…

Events ~ First Providence/Boston Food Truck Showdown ~ Providence ~ June 6, 2015

Announcing the First Providence/Boston Food Truck Showdown Vote for Your Favorite Truck!
Featuring a Samuel Adams Beer Garden
Providence, RI- Food Truck Festivals of America is pleased to announce the first ever Providence/Boston Food Truck Showdown, coming to India Point Park on Saturday, June 6th, at noon (VIP hour at 11 AM). The festival will feature 20+ of Boston and Providence’s most popular food trucks serving up a variety of fan favorites, including local seafood, BBQ, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, whoopee pies, and much more. General admission is $5.Samuel Adams beer and Polar beverages will also be available for purchase.

Until 3:30, foodies can vote for their favorite truck! A panel of judges will also be conducting their own vote. There will be a Fan Favorite and a Judge’s Favorite.

Some of the Trucks...
Sneak peak at Providence: 
• GottaQ
• Plouf Plouf Gastronomie
• Simply Scrumptious
• Z Food Truck

Sneak peak at Boston:
• Ipswich Clambake
• Frozen Hoagies
• Mei…

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Dusk...Providence Rhode Island by Fire In The Eye Photography

Precious Blood Cemetery by Frank Grace

How's the Bite? by John Crosby

Untitled by MrsLamontagne423


3 Herring by ArtFan70

The Alter...... by Donna St.Pierre

Artists ~ Barbara Materna ~ Pawtucket

Artist’s name: Barbara Materna
Shop name: BABS
Facebook: BABS Fine Handmade Handbags
Instagram: BabsEtc

1. Tell us about your work.
BABS is a collection of colorful and fun handbags and totes that include BABS felted handbags, Jack + Cookie merino wool handbags, Nautical Navigators and a new line of hand-painted canvas bags, BABS for Barbara Ottmar.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I started making bags in an extra room on the 3rd floor of our East Side home. When my operation spilled to the second floor and eventually overtook the dining and living room my husband said "enough". I rented studio space in Hope Artiste Village in February 2103. In July 2013 I moved to the "retail hall" and opened BABS. I love HAV and the Farmer's Market that is held here every Saturday from Nov -- May. My Jack + Cookie partner, Gail Solomon and I "hold court" in the shop Saturday mornings. We get our coffee and…