Sights ~ The Towers ~ Narragansett

The Towers
35 Ocean Rd.
Narragansett, Rhode Island

We (Mami, Bear and I) went to the Easter sunrise service, held at the Narragansett Towers. It was hosted by the First Baptist Church in Narragansett.

I've driven under the Towers several times before, but never been inside. It's a major landmark in Narragansett, situated as it is on Ocean Road, right beside the water.

Narragansett Towers

The Towers are the only remaining part of the resort called the Narragansett Pier casino, which was built from 1883 and 1886 by McKim, Mead & White. If you don't know this architectural firm, definitely look into them. They were the Big Dogs in architecture in that era. Frederick Law Olmstead (Central Park, the Chicago World's Fair, etc.) designed the grounds.

historical images: The Towers
In its heyday of the 1890s, the casino was one of the hotspots for the rich and famous. Gilded Age glitterati came for dancing, bowling, shooting, tennis, cards, billiards, boatings, elegant restaurants, and of course the view, and "bathing." The dish "clams casino" may have originated there.

Then on September 12, 1900, fire started in the nearby Rockingham Hotel. Ocean breezes fanned the flames which quickly engulfed the casino. All of the woodframe buildings were lost, but the towers, made of granite, and the nearby Coast Guard station survived.

The ruins after the fire, ca. 1905, via Wikipedia
The Towers have withstood fire, hurricanes, nor'easters and other storms, and still stand today. Even the Coast Guard House, which sustained heavy damage during Hurricane Sandy, has reopened.

Today the Towers are used as an event space. They have music concerts, dances, weddings and other life events. The inside is very well suited with wood floors, a vaulted ceiling and a beautiful view.

Narragansett Towers meeting space sunrise Easter service

Sunrise Easter Sunday morning, Narragansett RI


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