Dining ~ Ogie's Trailer Park ~ Providence

Ogie's Trailer Park
1155 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 383-8200

Ogie's Trailer Park had been getting a lot of press since they opened on Westminster Street last winter. I decided to stop in and see for myself.

The place has a retro charm - especially if you're deep into mid-century modern - with turquoise bar stools and dark wood in the bar area.

Personally, I love the starburst lamps. There's a much better photo at The Dish:

I grabbed a seat away from the bar, near the kitchen, which is adorably kitted out like an old-school RV.

Ogie's kitchen

The menu isn't extensive - nor would you expect it to be - but it's pretty varied. I opted for the mac and cheese croquets and a white Russian, which seemed a fitting warmer for a day when the snow was still knee-deep on the ground.

(note: Kindle Fire is awesome, but its photos leave much to be desired)
The croquettes were lovely comfort food, amped up with a kicking sauce and crisp coating.

The White Russian (my first!) was cool but warm, and rather sweet. It's clearly a winter holdover, dusted with nutmeg and tasting happily of coffee and cream.

The only downside was the volume. Even at 5pm on a Thursday, the place was loud. This won't be a turn-off for everyone, and perhaps once the outdoor patio area opens up it will be easier to tolerate.

That's right, Ogie's has a fenced-in patio, complete with fire pit and multicolored chairs. The area wasn't opened when I visited, but RI Monthly has a shot to reference:

All in all, Ogie's is a fun retro experience. I definitely see taking my parents here for a summer dinner when they come to visit.


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