Dining ~ Providence Coal Fired Pizza ~ Providence

Providence Coal Fired Pizza
385 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 454-7499 (PIZZA)

I stopped in at Providence Coal Fired Pizza before the theater a couple of weeks ago. It's a noisy, friendly place with lots of wood tables and a good-sized after work crowd.


My waiter was very friendly and helpful. I started with some water, and he brought me some fire bread (pizza dough strips baked in the coal oven). They were quite tasty.

If you order pizza, you can sit at the pizza bar to watch it made. That sounded like a cool idea.


I was a little sad to realize that they don't have individual sized pizzas. The pizzas run 14", which is a lot to ask of one person. I didn't want to take my leftovers to the theater. So I opted for a steak salad.

Steak Salad

The salad was big, with sliced rib eye, mixed lettuce, herb vinaigrette, balsamic onions, fingerling potatoes, and Great Hill blue cheese. Delicious.

Finally I had to try the cannoli. I mean, who wouldn't try the cannoli in a pizza place?

It was very good, with a bit of chocolate in the filling. Also, they come in pairs. Important to know when you bring a friend.

Next time, I'll try the pizza. There's an intriguing assortment, and the service alone was worth a return visit.


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