Performing arts ~ Vincent at AS220 Black Box Theatre ~ Providence

Starry Night Theater, LLC
AS220 Black Box Theater
95 Empire St.
Providence, Rhode Island

I went last week to see Vincent at the AS220 Black Box. The theater itself seats 90, in moderately comfortable folding chairs. Of note: the restroom is in the stage space. Plan accordingly.

The play is a one man show. Theodorus ("Theo") VanGogh, Vincent's younger brother, has gathered his friends - the audience - to finally talk about his brother, a couple of weeks after the artist's suicide. Actor/artistic director Jim Briggs brings Theo to life, and speaks of his brother with all the frustration, affection, amusement and heartbreak you would expect in a long-overdue eulogy. It's a moving tribute, as well as a history. Theo tries to help us understand this greatly misunderstood and troubled, but valiantly honorable artist.

My only note on the performance is a curiosity as to why Theo Van Gogh does not properly pronounce his family name. Dutch speakers would say "vun Khokh."

I was very impressed with the staging. Though minimalist, Vincent takes you between the Victorian middle class luxury of Theo's Paris apartment, and the meager furnishings of Vincent's room, all backed by a huge high-def framed projection of Vincent's work.

Vincent is no longer at AS220, but Starry Night Productions is a traveling show. It will be in Virginia and Florida this Spring before coming to Fairfield, Conn. in May. If you get the opportunity, it's well worth it.


  1. I am an event photographer, I love this venue, and I will revisit this venue in a heartbeat. The gallery space for rent NYC have really great staff and pretty decent drinks. Their halls and rooms are absolutely gorgeous.


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