Performing Arts ~ I Love Lucy Live at PPAC ~ February 24 - March 1 ~ Providence

I went to see I Love Lucy Live at PPAC on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun!

The premise is that you are a member of the studio audience during a live filming of two episodes of I Love Lucy. This includes filming the commercials, and the genial host, rather like this fellow:

He kept things moving with lots of in-jokes and some nice improv work. There's lots of audience participation, and an applause sign, in case you're not sure. At no point did the audience need to be prompted to applaud.

The actors did a great job of inhabiting their roles, particularly Thea Brooks as Lucy and Euriamis Losada as Ricky. Losada, who was born in Cuba, did a fantastic job showcasing Ricky's many talents, including singing, dancing and the bongos. Even though the show only involves filming two episodes, you'll find plenty of jokes and references to other favorite I Love Lucy gags.

The costumes were very well done. It was strange to see the big-skirted 50's dresses in living color. The same with the Ricardo's living room. After decades in black and white, it was both strange and wonderful to see what those clothes really looked like.

I was entertained and charmed by the whole experience. The retro commercials that make us realize how much things have changed, also helped bring us back to the 50s.

Whether you love Lucy or just remember her fondly, you'll get a kick out of I Love Lucy Live.


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