Dining ~ Ladder 133 ~ Providence

Ladder 133
133 Douglas Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 272-7427

by Mommy

With 4 small kids, Papi and I don't often get out, just the two of us. It had been months since our last date night, so we planned a special pre-Superbowl dinner. With a snow storm on its way, we wanted to stay close to home, and ended up at Ladder 133, a former firehouse turned sports bar and grill with a great reputation.

image: Ladder 133

By this point, you may have put it together more quickly than we did; Sports bars are packed on Super Bowl Sunday. When asked if we had a reservation, I was sure we would be laughed back into the cold weather, but they were all too happy to accommodate us, since we weren't planning to stay for the game.
Ladder 133 is introducing a brand new menu this week, from which they pulled all their specials. While their old menu was so oversized and generic that we got lost in a sea of typical barfood options, they now offer a fresher menu, focused on great quality food.

Our waitress Jen was excited to share with us her recommendations, and we are glad to have taken her advice. We started with the Maple Glazed Pork Belly, which was topped with bleu cheese crumbles. Seriously, this is the best way to eat pork! I should have gotten one of my own, because while I am a savorer, Papi is a shoveler, and it was gone before I knew what had happened.

Luckily our entrees were close behind, which were also pretty tasty. I chose the black bean burger, which was topped with an avocado puree and sriracha aioli. It came with an order of the house made salt and vinegar chips (which were served in the cutest mini fryer basket!) The burger was great, aside from the need for a textural change in my mouth. While the flavors were on point, I felt like I had bitten into one giant smoosh.

Papi was really pleased with his Bourbon Bistro Steak Tips, served with red pepper polenta and balsamic glazed brussel sprouts. According to him,"It was very delicious and tasty! It's very good. I would recommend them to anyone."

From our conversation with our server, we learned that not only is this already a great family friendly place, which hosts live entertainment, but there are some great renovations coming to Ladder 133. Having recently acquired the space next door, they plan on adding a lounge space within the next year. What a little treasure we've stumbled on! We are excited to come back and see what other experiences the restaurant has to offer.


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