Dining ~ AS220 FOO(D) ~ Providence

AS220 FOO(D)
115 Empire St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 831-9327

AS220 FOO(D)

While waiting to see Vincent, I stopped in at AS220 FOO(D) for a bite to eat. On a Friday night, the bar and dining area were full, but in a friendly way. Carryout patrons lined up beside my counter seat to wait patiently for their dinner. Beside me, a man offered to bring me silverware and a glass of water from the carrel in the back.

AS220 Water and silverware station

Behind me was a large table of people engaged in a spirited conversation. One asked to borrow a pen.

There's no table service. You're given a playing card, and when your meal is ready, the cooks shout out the playing card from the counter.



The menu is varied, with lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

I chose the roasted Brussels sprouts with cranberries, maple thyme and walnuts. They were excellent, and spicier than I'd expected. The maple even paired nicely with the Yacht Club cream soda I ordered.

Although it was technically a side, the portion was big enough to make a light meal. I didn't go away hungry. I also heard great things from several people about the macaroni and cheese. There were lots of carryout orders for it while I was there.

Brussels sprouts with cranberry, maple thyme and walnuts at AS220 FOO(D)

AS220 is an art space, so there was plenty of art there in the bar, too.

Art at AS220 FOO(D)

It was a good experience in dining, service and sociability. Definitely one to return to.


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