Book review ~ Remarkable Women of Rhode Island by Frank L. Grzyb and Russell J. DeSimone

Every now and then I do a search for books with a Rhode Island theme. My most recent find was this historical piece by Grzyb and DeSimone.

The book is a collection of biographical sketches, starting with female sachem Awashonks during King Philip's War (ca 1675), and continuing right up to the publication date (July 2014). The two men describe the struggles and triumphs of historical Rhode Island women. They also try to put the accomplishments into the context of the time in which they lived.

The biographies are broken up into sections: Native Americans; Activists, Reformers and Dorrites; The Literati; Arts and Artists; Educators; Religious Leaders; Making their Voices Heard; Athletes; It's a Woman's Job, Too; First Ladies in Their Fields, and Other Achievements.

The biographies are simply written, with a younger reader in mind. In fact, it's a book I'll share with my grandchildren when they're a few years older.


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