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Feeling Lucky? Sponsor a Ducky! by Selbe

cold buddha by Roger LeJeune

Dance of Peace Sculpture by Fire In The Eye Photography

Keith's Theatre - Westminster Street. Postcard c. 1900 and present location in 2014 by Eric Harrison

Castle Hill Lighthouse in Evening Light by dhfore

Greystone Veterans Monument by ArtFan70

The Winter of 2015_2298 by Rick Payette

Untitled by MrsLamontagne423

Providence mall by tao wang

Ram Tail Road Bridge by Frank Grace

#2 After the Storm by Joanne Johnson

Performing Arts ~ I Love Lucy Live at PPAC ~ February 24 - March 1 ~ Providence

I went to see I Love Lucy Live at PPAC on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun!

The premise is that you are a member of the studio audience during a live filming of two episodes of I Love Lucy. This includes filming the commercials, and the genial host, rather like this fellow:

He kept things moving with lots of in-jokes and some nice improv work. There's lots of audience participation, and an applause sign, in case you're not sure. At no point did the audience need to be prompted to applaud.

The actors did a great job of inhabiting their roles, particularly Thea Brooks as Lucy and Euriamis Losada as Ricky. Losada, who was born in Cuba, did a fantastic job showcasing Ricky's many talents, including singing, dancing and the bongos. Even though the show only involves filming two episodes, you'll find plenty of jokes and references to other favorite I Love Lucy gags.

The costumes were very well done. It was strange to see the big-skirted 50's dresses in living color. T…

Artists ~ Jennifer Neuguth ~ Foster

Artist’s name: Jennifer Neuguth
Shop name: IamTra
Blog: coming soon

1. Tell us about your work
Iamtra produces lifestyle products that support healthy living. Our water bottles, mugs, tea, magnets, jewelry (and more) transform lives by helping people focus on how they want to feel. All items are designed and made in RI.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I owned a contemporary gift gallery in RI called OOP and an art festival company called Festival Fete. I took my experience from both to start my wholesale line.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from my own journey. I have experienced some difficult times but through the use of mantras, I have been able to move my life in a positive direction. Each item in my line is a tool I use in my daily life for healthy living.

4. W…

Book review ~ Remarkable Women of Rhode Island by Frank L. Grzyb and Russell J. DeSimone

Every now and then I do a search for books with a Rhode Island theme. My most recent find was this historical piece by Grzyb and DeSimone.

The book is a collection of biographical sketches, starting with female sachem Awashonks during King Philip's War (ca 1675), and continuing right up to the publication date (July 2014). The two men describe the struggles and triumphs of historical Rhode Island women. They also try to put the accomplishments into the context of the time in which they lived.

The biographies are broken up into sections: Native Americans; Activists, Reformers and Dorrites; The Literati; Arts and Artists; Educators; Religious Leaders; Making their Voices Heard; Athletes; It's a Woman's Job, Too; First Ladies in Their Fields, and Other Achievements.

The biographies are simply written, with a younger reader in mind. In fact, it's a book I'll share with my grandchildren when they're a few years older.

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Untitled by MrsLamontagne423

Cathedral Square - Active urban center vs. desolate wasteland of urban "renewal" by Eric Harrison

Cat In A Window by ArtFan70

The Hiding Place..... by Donna St.Pierre

096 by Erika Smith

Cold Day In Providence, Rhode Island by Fire In The Eye Photography

CLIFF WALK by tao wang

Gino admires the snowdrift on the back deck by Rick Payette

Art ~ Memorial Angel at Swan Point Cemetery ~ Providence

I've written about Swan Point Cemetery before. Bear and I have been there several times. I have a... fascination? appreciation? for cemetery art, and how people memorialize their loved ones.

I found this piece particularly interesting. Like most funerary art, there's no artist's mark visible, so I knew almost nothing about it until the quote below appeared on Pinterest.
"Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, RI. As it happens, I can add information about this angel. She was created in concrete by my great aunt Mabel "Mabs" Gardner, for the grave of her parents. Mabs was a woman rather ahead of her time. She and my grandmother attended what became the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. She later went to serve with the Red Cross in France during WWI, and eventually became an expatriate living in a studio in Paris, carving and casting figures. (Forest Rogers)" Clearly Mabs' parents lived in Rhode Island, but I don't know enough about them to d…

Artists ~ Jane Carlson ~ Narragansett

Name: Jane Carlson
Shop Name: J & J Illuminations

1. Tell us about your work.
I am a nautical crafter.. I design and craft shell-framed mirrors along with wreaths which can be used as wall decor, centerpieces or to just add a little beachy flavor to any home.

2. How did you come to be a crafter?
I have always loved crafting and designing with sea shells as a hobby. It wasn't until this past year, when I had to take a medical leave from my job, that I really became involved with my crafts. My family and friends were very influential in convincing me to open a shop on Etsy. It's a wonderful feeling when I finish one of my creations and post it on the website and the viewers favor and like these items. I have sold my crafts all over the country from Hawaii, to California, Texas, Florida, etc. and have received many 5 star reviews. I offer outstanding customer service, great pricing and super fast shipping. I am always adding new items t…

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Enishkeetompauog Narragansett [from Trail Of The Whispering Giants] by ArtFan70

The Place To Be...... by Donna St.Pierre

Untitled by MrsLamontagne423

#98 Windswept by Joanne Johnson

House On The Lake by Fire In The Eye Photography

Harrison Street, west end. Former Pilgrim Congregational Church by Eric Harrison

DSC_0373 by tao wang

Gino is impressed by Rick Payette

Artists ~ Mary Monteiro

Artist’s name:  Mary Monteiro
Shop name: Avani Original Art

1. Tell us about your work.
I discovered silk painting about two years ago after a life long career as an illustrator. This medium gives me the spontaneity I was looking for. I aim for a balance of letting it happen and exerting some control to avoid undesirable effects. By letting the designs emerge in a wet-on-wet technique I can create one-of-a-kind pieces for my customers.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist?
I started my pursuit of art at 18. I was drawn to Rhode Island in my early twenties because of some very talented artists I met here. Fortunately I was able to apprentice with both of them, one a painter and one an illustrator, and launched my freelance art business in 1976. Art has been my passion ever since.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world so I named my silk painting business "Avani"…

Dining ~ Ladder 133 ~ Providence

Ladder 133
133 Douglas Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 272-7427

by Mommy

With 4 small kids, Papi and I don't often get out, just the two of us. It had been months since our last date night, so we planned a special pre-Superbowl dinner. With a snow storm on its way, we wanted to stay close to home, and ended up at Ladder 133, a former firehouse turned sports bar and grill with a great reputation.

By this point, you may have put it together more quickly than we did; Sports bars are packed on Super Bowl Sunday. When asked if we had a reservation, I was sure we would be laughed back into the cold weather, but they were all too happy to accommodate us, since we weren't planning to stay for the game.
Ladder 133 is introducing a brand new menu this week, from which they pulled all their specials. While their old menu was so oversized and generic that we got lost in a sea of typical barfood options, they now offer a fresher menu, focused on great quality food.

Our waitress Jen was …

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DSC_8054 by Roger LeJeune

IMG_6751 by MrsLamontagne423

IMG_0500_DxO-1 by John "Mike" Manning

Dusk...Providence Rhode Island by Fire In The Eye Photography

United National Bank then, 1 Financial now by Eric Harrison

DSC_0192 by tao wang