Dining ~ Rosalina ~ Providence

150 Aborn St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 413-1069

It's Providence Restaurant Weeks!

This season's culinary adventure took me to Rosalina, just around the corner from Gracie's, steps from Trinity Rep. Or as a Rhode Islander would say "Where Cuban Revolution used to be."

Rosalina by Erika Smith via I {heart} Rhody


It's a cute place, with the atmosphere of a comfortable home and the soundtrack of a Blake Edwards movie.

I sat at the bar, since I could watch CNN and fret over Boko Haram and the situation in France. Sometimes I'm a glutton for punishment.


Renee, the bartender, was there right away to offer one of their signature cocktails. I tried the Tina Louise, which is muddled limes, rye, pear nectar, ginger beer with a sugar and black pepper rim. It was pretty good. Tasty, not too sweet, and the pepper gave a nice bite to it.


The appetizer was eggplant parmesan with crostini and Narragansett Creamery ricotta. The eggplant was served in a tiny cast iron pot, thick with melted cheese and a hearty tomato sauce.


The serving required some instruction. You can either dip the crostini into the pot, or scoop eggplant out with a spoon onto the crostini. I opted for the latter. The eggplant was tender, but you still need a spoon to cut it into bite-sized pieces.  The serving was generous. In fact, two days later, I'm having my second lunch from it.

Burrata cheese ravioli/house made meatballs/pomodoro sauce

The main course was Burrata cheese ravioli with house made meatballs in Pomodoro sauce. I was taken aback by the amount of oil on the plate, but it was light and didn't give the meal the greasy, slippery feel I was expecting. The pasta was a bit bland, and I found myself wanting seasoning, but the meatballs were complex and flavorful. I detected an almost floral flavor. Again, it was enough for two meals.

Finally for dessert I chose the "straight from New York" cheesecake.


It was rich and creamy, as you'd expect cheesecake to be. The real surprise is how perfectly it went with the Tina Louise cocktail. Magical.

I've heard other reviewers say that Rosalina is giving the Federal Hill Italian food scene a run for its money. I have to agree.


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