Read local ~ Independent Man Comic

Independent Man
by N. L. Hoffman and E. Fulford

A fun find at this year's Rhode Island Comic Con was Independent Man, a comic by locals N.L. Hoffman and E. Fulford.

Told in a wry, tongue-in-cheek style, Independent Man flies from the roof of the State House to ward off the evils threatening "Provadenz," with the codependent help of his friend Nibbles Woodaway. But don't tell Independent Man he has help. He can do it all by himself.

You have to be a Providence resident and know some of the history to really get the in-jokes that run rife through the pages. There were one or two I wasn't clear on, myself. But the comic could be amusing for those who have a sense of humor about the foibles of our fair city.

I met Ms. Hoffman at the Con, and she promises more adventures for our golden bastion of self-reliance. Stay tuned.


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