Museums ~ Museum of Work and Culture ~ Woonsocket

by Mommy

Museum of Work and Culture
42 Main St.
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

We embarked on our first trip to Woonsocket with little more than a destination and skepticism. We weren't sure that we, let alone the kids, would enjoy a museum with the word "Work" in the title. We had not researched the museum at all, so we had nothing more than a name and address when we left home.

What a pleasant surprise! The Museum of Work and Culture took our family back to late 19th century Woonsocket, where the Quebecois-French immigrants came seeking work in the area's booming mills.

This was a fun and educational experience, with interactive pockets that engaged all our kids. We loved pretending to be textile workers and racing to see who could sort bobbins the fastest. Our favorite exhibits were:
Papi: "Pretending to be a union leader rallying the workers."

Mommy: "The Catholic schoolroom, where we learned about what a class looked like 100 years ago."

Pappo: "Pressing the buttons that told us different stories and lit up."

Peeper: "The house where I got to play the piano."

Wren: "I like it princess!" It was a statue of a nun in the Catholic schoolroom, but when you are 2, long dress = princess.

We were happily occupied for a couple of hours, but could have easily stayed a couple more. It was a budget friendly trip, being only $8.00 per adult, and kids under 10 are free. We think this is a perfect trip for elementary school aged children.


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