Shop local ~ Pick-ease

by Megan

One of my favorite things about the toddler stage is watching my children develop personalities. One of my least favorite is that sometimes that personality is stubborn. Wren is no exception, especially at the dinner table. If we manage to get a bite or two in, we are lucky. Like most moms of 2 year olds, we end up with more food on the floor than in her tummy. She even rejects food we know she loves, just for the sake of being difficult.

A while ago, we got an email from local mom Melissa Desrochers, who wanted us to try and review her product, Pick-ease. With the premise that kids love to eat things on toothpicks, Pick-ease are fun colored child safe food picks that help excite kids about what they are eating. They have different themed pictures, such as sports or flowers, so that they will be engaging to little ones. After reading her website, I decided it couldn't hurt our situation.

It took several tries, but Wren finally took to them. Initially, she wasn't really interested. Slowly, she began to use her Pick-ease to poke holes in her food, then upgraded to using it to paint ketchup on her tongue, brushing with the piece of hot dog she had successfully speared. I was all set to give up until last week, when finally she started using it as intended! Now she asks for it at lunch time and almost all her food makes it into her mouth!

If you can poke it with a fork, you can serve it with a Pick-ease. This product worked for our family, and if you have a fussy eaters, it may work for you too. Find them at


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