Dining ~ Circe ~ Providence

50 Weybosset St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 437-8991

Now starring in the space left by the defunct DownCity is Circe, a American/Mediterranean restaurant. The former bright colors are now a cool and tasteful white and gray, and play up the architecture of the former bank space.

I went with my parents for a celebration dinner, and we were able to sit up in the balcony. The view of Weybosset Street isn't particularly exciting - yet. Circe overlooks the facade of the former Providence National Bank.

But give the area time. The Arcade is back... fine dining and hotels surround the area. Something will happen with that facade. In the meantime, the balcony is a nice spot to people-watch from.

image: Circe
On the main floor, there's an open kitchen, which I love to see in a restaurant.

I started with a hibiscus martini. Excellent: not too sweet or bitter, and a good balance of alcohol and mixer.
image: Sammi J. on Yelp!

My parents enjoyed some delicious-looking appetizers. Mom had the angus beef tartare, topped with an adorable quail egg. She really liked it. Dad had grilled rhode island oysters, and liked them as well.

For mains, Mom had the bacon-wrapped tenderloin, which she enjoyed. She's particular about her meat being prepared very rare, and was happy with the way it was served.
image: Jamey B on Yelp!
Dad had the ribeye, which the server and owner both agreed was the best cut in the house.  Nevertheless, I got the surf & turf, a combination of beef filet, half a lobster, scallops and shrimp. Everything was perfectly prepared, and I loved the caramelizing sear on the scallops.

Dad and I shared an order of goat cheese mashed potatoes that was a perfect complement to our meals.

Dessert was a warm and delicious bread pudding with a maple creme fraiche and pumpkin ice cream. A great combination.
image: Circe
Mom and Dad had the house-made ice cream in chocolate and vanilla.

The service was excellent, from the server who was up and down stairs constantly, but never made us wait for anything, to the owner, Carlo Carlozzi, who stopped by our table twice. Carlo was very gracious, and answered our questions and gave us some history of the building and his experience in the business. As it turned out, our waitress lives on a farm where some of the produce used in the restaurant is sourced. Carlo believes in buying local.

Dinner was Mom and Dad's treat - a combined celebration of my birthday and their anniversary - so I didn't see the bill. Judging from the menu, however, this would be more of a special occasion restaurant for us. It's one I would highly recommend.


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