Sights ~ St. Thomas Church ~ Providence

St. Thomas RC Church
65 Fruit Hill Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

Church and grounds

I had the opportunity to stop in at St. Thomas Church and tour the sanctuary. I've seen this church lots of times, and have even been into their community area to donate blood, but I'd never gone into the sanctuary itself.

The people there were very welcoming, and happy to let me wander and take pictures. One gentleman even showed me around a bit.

I wasn't able to get any history from the church's site, but I do know the church was founded sometime before the cornerstone of the present building was laid in the late 1800s. A second cornerstone is dated 1913, which may be the date that the current building was erected.

cornerstone 1913

The interior has an almost mid-century feel to it, except for the apse, which is more gothic.

Sanctuary from choirloft
This view is from the choir loft.

sanctuary from altar
And this is from the altar.

The sanctuary boasts lots of stained glass windows.
stained glass windows

stained glass 4
I wish I knew more about styles of stained glass. These are mostly square panes with the occasional insert.

Below is the detail from the trio of windows in the choir loft. The choir no longer uses the loft, however.
Front Gothic stained windows from indoors

Instead, the choir performs to the side of the altar.
Choir area

You might notice behind the altar is some more stained glass. That's part of the "crying room," a small sanctuary behind the altar that's set aside for parents with crying babies, so they can hear the mass without their children disturbing services. It's also used for weekday masses, which are lower in attendance.

"Crying Room"

Even the crying room has a smaller, private space for contemplation.
meditation room

In common with many churches, there's some lovely statuary as well.

St. Thomas seems to enjoy a very active parish life. Aside from a Catholic school, they also have frequent activities, blood drives, craft and holiday sales, etc.


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