Dining ~ The Cookie Tray ~ Johnston

The Cookie Tray
620 Killingly St.
Johnston, Rhode Island
(401) 752-9813

I hadn't been on Killingly Street in awhile, but happened along recently and saw a sign for The Cookie Tray, advertising crepes. I love a good crepe, so I stopped in. It's a cute place, with lots of white and hot pink, and plenty of cookies, cupcakes, muffins and treats filling the display cases.
Cookies and favors

I started with a breakfast crepe - egg white and spinach with cheddar (they were out of feta)on a buckwheat crepe, then ordered a half dozen cookies to share at the office.
Egg white, spinach and cheddar crepe

The crepe traveled well to the office. It was huge and held me from breakfast through lunch. It was also very tasty, and the flavors blended well together.

After lunch I stingily broke my cookies into 3 pieces, one for each of us.

Pecan pie cookie: We agreed that it looked like it would be soft, but enjoyed the crunch. I would have liked to see a little more pecan pie filling.
Pecan Pie

Pistachio chocolate chip: Light pistachio flavored soft cookie, nice chunks of chocolate chip and pistachio pieces. J had a hard time distinguishing the pistachio flavor, but liked it.
Chocolate chip pistachio

Coconut macaroon: sweet, nutty with a firm coating that gives a bit of a snap as you bite into it. The inside is moist, yet the coconut stays crunchy. D declared it "very coconut-y, light and fluffy." J, who is not a coconut fan, also liked it.

Maybe the one I was most looking forward to, but a bit of a disappointment, was the chocolate walnut fudge. The cookie tasted a little musty, although the bright side is that I think I detected a little pop of bourbon in the recipe. J said that the chocolate flavor was lost behind the nuts. D liked it, saying the texture was smooth.
Fudge brownie

Nuts weren't a problem in the Chocolate Nut Nutella cookie. It was nicely balanced, crisp on the outside, fudgy on the inside, with crunchy pieces of walnut. I almost didn't want to share. J preferred it to the brownie as well. This one's a winner for the chocolate/nut enthusiasts.
Chocolate chip Nutella

Lastly was the butterball. It was very dry and crumbly inside the shell. I liked the crunch of nuts. The guys, who are more familiar with this type of cookie than I am, said it was lighter and less dense than the typical butterball, which they also know as an Italian wedding cookie. They liked it, though of course J likes his mom's better.


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