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Shop Local ~ Calm-a-Mama

by Mommy

Moving is stressful, no matter which way you slice it. If you've ever moved with four children under the age of eight, then you know how my summer went. With apartment hunting, job hunting, school registration, and transferring medical records, life has been just a little overwhelming. So when I passed a booth for Calm-a- Mama outside of whole foods, it immediately caught my eye. Mom got excited because Calm-a- Mama follows I {heart} Rhody on Twitter.

When reading their product description, I thought it was too good to be true! Could 4 drops of flower essences really help with all the levels of chaos my family experiences? In a word, YES! I was completely blown away by how quickly and effectively this product took effect.

I received my sample in the mail last week, and not a moment too soon. It was midday and I had a couple of screamers on my hands. Wren is 20 months old and she is non-stop action. She hadn't had an afternoon nap in over a month, no matter …

Events ~ Thayer St. Art Festival ~ Providence ~ Sept. 28, 2014

Thayer Street Art Festival
September 28, 2014, 10am - 5pm

Events ~ Rhythm & Roots Fest ~ August 29-31 ~ Charlestown

Rhythm & Roots 2014
August 29-31
Ninigret Park
Charlestown, Rhode Island

Sights ~ St. Thomas Church ~ Providence

St. Thomas RC Church
65 Fruit Hill Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

I had the opportunity to stop in at St. Thomas Church and tour the sanctuary. I've seen this church lots of times, and have even been into their community area to donate blood, but I'd never gone into the sanctuary itself.

The people there were very welcoming, and happy to let me wander and take pictures. One gentleman even showed me around a bit.

I wasn't able to get any history from the church's site, but I do know the church was founded sometime before the cornerstone of the present building was laid in the late 1800s. A second cornerstone is dated 1913, which may be the date that the current building was erected.

The interior has an almost mid-century feel to it, except for the apse, which is more gothic.

This view is from the choir loft.

And this is from the altar.

The sanctuary boasts lots of stained glass windows.

I wish I knew more about styles of stained glass. These are mostly square panes with …

Events ~ Rhody Craft new location Grand Opening ~ Providence

Rhody Craft
new location
780 Hope St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Dining ~ The Cookie Tray ~ Johnston

The Cookie Tray
620 Killingly St.
Johnston, Rhode Island
(401) 752-9813

I hadn't been on Killingly Street in awhile, but happened along recently and saw a sign for The Cookie Tray, advertising crepes. I love a good crepe, so I stopped in. It's a cute place, with lots of white and hot pink, and plenty of cookies, cupcakes, muffins and treats filling the display cases.

I started with a breakfast crepe - egg white and spinach with cheddar (they were out of feta)on a buckwheat crepe, then ordered a half dozen cookies to share at the office.

The crepe traveled well to the office. It was huge and held me from breakfast through lunch. It was also very tasty, and the flavors blended well together.

After lunch I stingily broke my cookies into 3 pieces, one for each of us.

Pecan pie cookie: We agreed that it looked like it would be soft, but enjoyed the crunch. I would have liked to see a little more pecan pie filling.

Pistachio chocolate chip: Light pistachio flavored soft cookie, nice…

Events ~ Foo Fest ~ Providence ~ August 9, 2014

Foo Fest 2014
August 9, 2014; 1:00 pm - 1:00 am
Empire Street
Providence, Rhode Island