Shop local ~ Block Island Organics revisited

This is the post I hoped I wouldn't have to write this summer:

As I mentioned, PrideFest was big fun on a beautiful, sunny day. You'd think I would have remembered the sunscreen. You'd think.

Instead I came home a bit pink, and by evening my skin felt hot, tight and uncomfortable. I remembered my sample of Block Island Organics sunburn relief and gave it a try.

I keep my bottle in the fridge, so it was very cooling going on. The lidocaine took the sting out quickly. Although the aloe and cucumber left a sticky feeling on application, it absorbed quickly. Twenty minutes later I followed up with additional moisturizer. Of course my skin is still a bit pink this morning, but it's much more comfortable. A second application helped cool down the residual heat.

Definitely effective, especially straight from the fridge.

As a follow-up from my previous post about Block Island Organics sunscreen, it's been very effective when I remember to use it. Don't make the mistake I made. Find an effective sunscreen you like, and use it. Seriously.

*disclaimer: I received a sample of the product for free from the manufacturer.


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