Events ~ Pride Day ~ June 21, 2014 ~ Providence

Bear and I went to PrideFest marketplace on Saturday afternoon. It was a bright, colorful celebration of what I call the Alphabet community (LGBTQ...), with people of all descriptions and all along the spectrum. There was some live music, but mostly it was a long stretch of booths with information and products of all descriptions.

Advocacy and support groups of all kinds set up alongside inclusive churches, health insurance companies, a drug store, banks, healthcare providers, knickknack vendors, artisans and food trucks. Places I'd never heard of (like the advocacy group for LGBTQ domestic violence, and one for elder support), were there. I'm glad to know they're out there.

Bear saw many of her friends from school at the festival, also from across the spectrum. Her school has a strong Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA), who also had a booth.

There was a staggering amount of information (and swag!) being shared. We didn't take info from all the groups, and were careful to only get one copy of everything, and still came home with more than a pound of materials to sort through.

The weather was perfect, warm but not hot, with a lovely breeze. The people were friendly, happy to be out and about on a glorious day. The information vendors were enthusiastic without being intrusive. It was a really fun time.

I didn't even know about PrideFest when we first arrived here, and remember being charmed but confused by the rainbow lights on the State House dome back in 2010.

State House from Prospect Terrace Park

I've learned a lot since then.


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