Eat local ~ Tricycle ice cream ~ Providence

Tricycle Ice Cream
Providence, Rhode Island

One of the treats at PrideFest was my first taste of Tricycle Ice Cream sandwiches. They're a relatively new vendor on the scene, but I hope they stick around.

They had three or four flavors available, but I opted for Callebaut (a type of Belgian) chocolate ice cream, with a salty pretzel shortbread cookie.

They arrive adorably packaged.

It took a few minutes for the ice cream to soften before I started eating it, and it was worth the wait. The shortbread was excellent - salty and sweet, and I could definitely taste both the pretzel and shortbread in it. The cookie was firm and strong enough to hold up as the ice cream melted, but not hard.

The chocolate flavor of the ice cream was excellent, and the texture was smooth and creamy. It was a really great ice cream sandwich that I'd have again, and maybe try other flavors, too.

(my camera is acting up, so "photos courtesy Tricycle")


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