Dining ~ north bakery ~ Providence

north bakery
70 Battey St.
Providence, RI

I feel a little guilty that we still haven't made it to north. It's right in Providence's west side, tucked into a little square that's only a bit off the beaten path. We've heard great things about the place, and tasted a sample of their food at I Heart PVD a couple of years ago.

When I read on eatdrinkri.com that north was opening a bakery, I was determined to be there opening day. I braved the rain to arrive at the door minutes before their 8:00 opening this morning. By 8:05, the little place had a line out the door.

I tried the Garlic/Parmesan/Pine Nut and Lemon Rosemary scones. Both were tender and flaky. The garlic one was very flaky and savory, and the pine nuts added a nice crunch and texture. The lemon rosemary was slightly sweet, and the flavors nicely balanced - a lovely summer treat. I'd go back for either or both. I shared the lemon one with my boss, who really enjoyed it and thought the rosemary was a great balance, too.

The Earl Grey/chocolate muffin had a citrusy/smoky taste to it. Not strong on the chocolate, but it was easy to suss out the bergamot in the tea. It turns out that bergamot is a type of orange, and I'm allergic to oranges, which may explain why I didn't really care for the muffin. My boss didn't care for the strong tea flavor, either. No harm done, though. I'm betting Bear, the tea aficionado, will love it.

Finally I had to try the dark chocolate meringue. My mother made chocolate chip meringues every Christmas, and I seldom saw them anywhere else. These are made with dark chocolate chunks, rather than semisweet chips. They're really good, with a creamy/crumbly meringue. Not as sweet as Mom's, but still sweet enough. The boss really enjoyed the balance that the dark chocolate brought to the meringue, which kept it from being overly sweet.

I should add that my mother is an excellent cook. A talent I did not inherit (ask my children about peanut butter spaghetti). What I did get from my mom is a great appreciation for culinary talent and the people who prepare food for me.

We'll be back to north bakery. Probably tomorrow.


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