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Events ~ WBNA 5th Annual Block Party ~ Providence ~ June 28, 2014

WBNA 5th Annual Block Party
June 28, 2014, 12-5pm
Hollywood St., between Dexter and Parade Sts.

Eat local ~ Tricycle ice cream ~ Providence

Tricycle Ice Cream
Providence, Rhode Island

One of the treats at PrideFest was my first taste of Tricycle Ice Cream sandwiches. They're a relatively new vendor on the scene, but I hope they stick around.

They had three or four flavors available, but I opted for Callebaut (a type of Belgian) chocolate ice cream, with a salty pretzel shortbread cookie.

They arrive adorably packaged.

It took a few minutes for the ice cream to soften before I started eating it, and it was worth the wait. The shortbread was excellent - salty and sweet, and I could definitely taste both the pretzel and shortbread in it. The cookie was firm and strong enough to hold up as the ice cream melted, but not hard.

The chocolate flavor of the ice cream was excellent, and the texture was smooth and creamy. It was a really great ice cream sandwich that I'd have again, and maybe try other flavors, too.

(my camera is acting up, so "photos courtesy Tricycle")

Shop local ~ Block Island Organics revisited

This is the post I hoped I wouldn't have to write this summer:

As I mentioned, PrideFest was big fun on a beautiful, sunny day. You'd think I would have remembered the sunscreen. You'd think.

Instead I came home a bit pink, and by evening my skin felt hot, tight and uncomfortable. I remembered my sample of Block Island Organics sunburn relief and gave it a try.

I keep my bottle in the fridge, so it was very cooling going on. The lidocaine took the sting out quickly. Although the aloe and cucumber left a sticky feeling on application, it absorbed quickly. Twenty minutes later I followed up with additional moisturizer. Of course my skin is still a bit pink this morning, but it's much more comfortable. A second application helped cool down the residual heat.

Definitely effective, especially straight from the fridge.

As a follow-up from my previous post about Block Island Organics sunscreen, it's been very effective when I remember to use it. Don't make the mistake…

Events ~ Pride Day ~ June 21, 2014 ~ Providence

Bear and I went to PrideFest marketplace on Saturday afternoon. It was a bright, colorful celebration of what I call the Alphabet community (LGBTQ...), with people of all descriptions and all along the spectrum. There was some live music, but mostly it was a long stretch of booths with information and products of all descriptions.

Advocacy and support groups of all kinds set up alongside inclusive churches, health insurance companies, a drug store, banks, healthcare providers, knickknack vendors, artisans and food trucks. Places I'd never heard of (like the advocacy group for LGBTQ domestic violence, and one for elder support), were there. I'm glad to know they're out there.

Bear saw many of her friends from school at the festival, also from across the spectrum. Her school has a strong Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA), who also had a booth.

There was a staggering amount of information (and swag!) being shared. We didn't take info from all the groups, and were careful to onl…

Events ~ Summer Season Downcity ~ Providence

Summer Season Kickoff
Greater Kennedy Plaza
June 26, 2014, 4:30 - 7:30pm
Burnside Music Series & Beer Garden

Rhody Summer ~ The PVD Lady Project's Summer Guide

The PVD Lady Project has published their second Summer Style Guide. Want to know where to go, what to see, the best beaches and more? Check out their free guide at Issuu.

Other blogs ~ ouRIsland

ouRIsland is the blog of ouR Island Apparel. It's a good source for photos and information about Rhode Island, especially the Newport area. They've started what promises to be an entertaining series on Rhode Island themed tattoos:

If you have a Rhode Island tattoo, you can share a SFW pic with them. Find out more here.

Events ~ Best of Rhode Island party ~ July 24, 2014 ~ Providence

Best of Rhode Island party
July 24, 2014
220 Weybosset St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Dining ~ north bakery ~ Providence

north bakery
70 Battey St.
Providence, RI

I feel a little guilty that we still haven't made it to north. It's right in Providence's west side, tucked into a little square that's only a bit off the beaten path. We've heard great things about the place, and tasted a sample of their food at I Heart PVD a couple of years ago.

When I read on that north was opening a bakery, I was determined to be there opening day. I braved the rain to arrive at the door minutes before their 8:00 opening this morning. By 8:05, the little place had a line out the door.

I tried the Garlic/Parmesan/Pine Nut and Lemon Rosemary scones. Both were tender and flaky. The garlic one was very flaky and savory, and the pine nuts added a nice crunch and texture. The lemon rosemary was slightly sweet, and the flavors nicely balanced - a lovely summer treat. I'd go back for either or both. I shared the lemon one with my boss, who really enjoyed it and thought the rosemary was a grea…

News ~ Elmwood Diner returns

Projo today announced the re-opening of the Elmwood Diner.

Formerly called the Liberty Elm Diner, after some rehabbing and refinishing, the diner operates with a "the philosophy of combining farm-to-table wholesomeness with approachable comfort food in a family-friendly (and family-owned) atmosphere."

New owners Paul Smith and Zoe Neves aren't strangers to local food. They own the East Side Marketplace. They gave the diner back its original name, "Elmwood Diner," and brought in chef Chef Andrea LaFazia, formerly of The Locals and Succotash.

According to Projo,"[t]he diner serves breakfast six days (closed on Mondays) from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., offering lunch items in the later hours."

I'm really looking forward to welcoming them back. Liberty Elm had been a favorite Sunday stop for us.

Events ~ PVD Hoot ~ Summer 2014 ~ Providence

PVD Hoot
Grant's Block
260 Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island
Sundays, dates below