Shop local pre-test ~ Block Island Organics sunscreen

The nice folks at Block Island Organics were kind enough to send some samples of their SPF 15 sunscreen** for me to try.

Block Island Organics 15SPF sunscreen

Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and I used to work for the AAD and ASDS, sun safety is a particular interest. Not coincidentally, today is also Melanoma Monday.

Saturday I went to the Cinco de Mayo/Rock and Roll Yard Sale in downcity. It was sunny and warm, so a good day to test out some sunscreen, since I finally had some exposed skin.


I used my regular moisturizer with SPF 15 sunscreen on my face, Block Island Organics on my right arm and nothing on my left arm.

After more than four hours walking around downcity, checking out the stalls and chatting with people, I came home. No burn on the left arm, but definitely picked up color. I'd say it was effective. I'll be trying it in other situations as the summer continues.


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