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Early in January, Bear D and I went on the last Christmas themed Experience Rhode Island tour. We had a great time!

I met Jonathan for the first time at Waterfire back in October. They were just starting their local bus tours, and it sounded like a cool idea. Toward the end of the year, I noticed that they were doing a holiday-themed tour, and got tickets for the very last one.

The Christmas tour included stops at Delekta Pharmacy in Warren, where we had our choice of "cabinets." Delekta is known for their coffee cabinet, but they also serve chocolate and vanilla. We tried chocolate and coffee, and they were both excellent - creamy, frosty and delicious.

Delekta Pharmacy
As our driver and guide, Jon kept up a steady patter of trivia quizzes, history and local information. He told us that the Bristol/Warren area is his favorite part of Rhode Island, and it showed in his enthusiasm during the trip.

Our next stop was at Coggeshall Farm.
Our group with guide in the Coggeshall farmhouse kitchen
Coggeshall is a living history museum. I had forgotten that we were going to be outdoors and didn't wear boots, so I stayed inside and talked with the baker while she made bread and johnnycakes. The rest of the group toured the farm, where heritage livestock and produce are raised. There were turkeys, geese and chickens, and a very affectionate cat roaming around.

Next up was Blithewold mansion and arboretum. There's not a lot to appreciate in the arboretum in early January, but the mansion has a different decorating theme every Christmas, as well as being a beautiful house museum all year.
The moon gate at the entry to the house grounds.

This year's theme was Christmas Around the World.

Christmas around the world at Blithewold - kitchen
Blithewold kitchen with Dutch themed holiday decorations
After Blithewold, we made a quick stop at a bed and breakfast in Bristol, where we met the proprietor, and had some lovely tea and cookies.

Our last stop was at Imagine Gift Store. We had a nice time shopping from the impressive selection, and chatting with the owner. It's one of Bear's favorite places.

image: The Anchor
Anyone, whether first-time visitor or long-time resident, will learn something new and have a good time on one of these tours. We'd definitely go again.


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