Book review ~ Rhode Island Disasters by Jim Ignasher

Rhode Island Disasters: Tales of Tragedy by Air, Sea and Rail
by Jim Ignasher
Ignasher chronicles a collection of stories about train, boat and plane accidents in Rhode Island, starting with a train wreck in the 1800s, and ending in the 1950s.

All the stories are tragic, and many are fascinating. He seems to have researched very thoroughly. Even so, I found the stories less compelling the further into the book I read. Most of the last few accidents involve military planes crashing under mysterious circumstances, which of necessity means there is much less individual experience related.

Ignasher is very respectful of those who were impacted by the disasters, and doesn't go into gory or gratuitous detail. He's also loathe to cast blame without proof, and goes out of his way to be fair.

Rhode Island history buffs and train, boat, airplane and disaster enthusiasts will probably enjoy this quite a bit.


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