Artists ~ Sarah and Mark Lambrese ~ North Providence

Artist’s name: Sarah and Mark Lambrese
Shop name: Cha Cha Louise
Twitter: @chacha_louise
Instagram: @chachalouise

1. Tell us about your work: 
We design and make little girl dresses for all occasions. We offer dresses for infants thru teens. Due to popular demand, select styles will be available in misses sizes this year.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
Always loved designing, but the birth of our daughter Charlotte is how the brand was born! Cha Cha, her nickname, combined with her middle, Louise is how we came up with the name.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration? 
Love, love anything vintage! Inspiration is everywhere! While many of our dresses have a vintage feel, it's also important to us that the style remains timeless and a bit modest. We believe little girls should dress like little girls.

4. What’s your favorite item to create? 
Definitely would be one of a kind dresses: whether a client request, or a one of a kind creation with a remnant that couldn't be past up.

5. What’s your best seller? 
Our best seller is our signature Luxe Lace Dress. Interestingly, my great aunt gave me a box of vintage binding that she acquired when the Fall River garment mill she was working in closed. We use this binding to appliqué our lace dresses. This is unique to us, and since each dress is appliquéd individually, the results are beautiful. We have shipped this dress all over the world.

6. How long have you been in Rhode Island? 

7. What do you {heart} about Rhode Island? 
Love that the industrial revolution started right here. Rhode Island has a deep textile history. We are proud to source about 80% of our materials used in our designs locally.


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