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From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Providence, RI by provbenson2009

Let's Go Skating by Donna St.Pierre

Hearth by davedvorchak

DSC_3610 by dadofliz

Each Other by ArtFan70

Memorial Plaque by cyberastrofolkie

Untitled by appylovee

Iron work flower! by kobrienjewelry

Red and Green! by kravi2011

Lighter by Macedo295

Rocky Point Pier Long Exposure - Mike Dooley by mike_dooley

Goddard Memorial State Park E. Greenwich, Rhode Island Vl by MyDay247

Watch Hill | Westerly, RI by kylenolin

PonhamPanorama by MStoeckle

Rhode Island by J&C Photo Samples

DSC_3659 by dadofliz

Jan. morning-1 by enjoiskate8

Winter, southern Rhode Island by print57

ODC Cloud (S)(Y)(ED) by R Joanne

Providence River Bridge by robtm2010

A Great Blue Herron and his shadow. [watched this guy for a good 10-15 minutes this morning.] by rilurky

behind the icicles by Rick Payette

The Towers at Narragansett by Royston_Kane

Water Lily Pad b&w by sixkings55

row houses by t55z

Kickstarter Campaign ~ 2014 Glass Float Project ~ Block Island

2014 Glass Float Project
Block Island, Rhode Island

In what's become a tradition, glass artist Eben Horton will be creating glass floats and hiding them around Block Island. Visitors are encourage to seek, find and keep the floats, and can even register their finds.

If you needed a reason to visit Block Island (and really, there are plenty), this one sounds like a lot of fun. I thought Bear and I might make our first trip over there this summer. Who knows...maybe we'll find a float to remember the occasion! If not, for the right donation, you can have one made just for you.

Artists ~ Cheryl ~ Bristol

Artist’s name: Cheryl
Shop name: BabyBeatrini

1. Tell us about your work
I became interested in renewing my knitting skills when one of my daughters announced to me that she and her husband were expecting their first baby.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I had always enjoyed knitting but put it aside while I spent many years as a registered nurse and then went to law school to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. I taught law and nursing for several years and then began to knit again in my spare time. When my other daughter became a mother too, I put my knitting skills into full throttle.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I have always had a creative streak I think and have come up with different ideas for sweaters and hats many times just on a whim. The ideas just pop up sometimes without me putting much thought into them. The interesting thing about my hats is that I really don't have a set patter…

Artists ~ Cheryl Merritt ~ North Kingstown

Artist’s name: Cheryl Merritt
Shop name: June Pryce Fiber Arts
Twitter: dyenamicdyestress
Facebook: juneprycefiberarts
Pinterest: Cheryl Merritt and Jennifer Barber, is my sister's (partner) blog

1. Tell us about your work:
It's really a family affair. In my cool basement Studio (my old catering kitchen) I hand dye spinning fibers, to be used to make hand spun yarn or used in the felting process, paint silk mawata (hankies) that can be used the same way and dye commercially spun yarns using an acid-actuated (white vinegar) dyeing process. I also make carded Batts, scarf kits for nuno felting and felted soaps. My sister/partner, Jenn, designs knitwear, makes project bags, stitchmarkers and Knit Links (a unique shawl pin alternative). Both Jenn and I spin. My husband makes nostepinnes (human powered ball winders), my eldest son makes my skein winding equipment and my younge…

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Came Down To Meet You by Donna St.Pierre

Goddard Memorial State Park E. Greenwich, Rhode Island ll by MyDay247

DSC_4084-207.jpg by Wilks2010

Providence, Ri by J&C Photo Samples

Into the Fog by windshadow2

Ladd Observatory by robtm2010

The Hotel by Robert Izzi

peregrine falcon adult and fledgling in providence by providence raptors

Colonial Knife Company, Providence RI by provbenson2009

Goddard Memorial State Park E. Greenwich, Rhode Island by MyDay247

Artists ~ Cate Brown ~ North Kingstown

Cate Brown
Cate Brown Photography
Portfolio &
Etsy Shop (Available Inventory)

1. Tell us about your work.
I work as a digital photographer, focusing on coastal beauty and affinity through fresh and approachable imagery of sailing and coastal communities. I constantly work to give viewers a transportive experience, drawing them into a world defined and surrounded by sandy beaches and salty ocean waters! Most of my work features sailing photography in the summer months, junior sailors, regattas, etc., and coastal fine art seascapes in the off-season.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter? 
I come from a sailing family, so naturally I learned to sail when I was very young. I became interested in photography during high school, first using my mom's ol…

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Sunset - Bristol, RI by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

Praying Mantis by Bell7283

Liminal Lining by ArtFan70

Horseshoe Falls by cyberastrofolkie

Colorful Brown! by kravi2011

Hunts Mill Falls #1 by Macedo295

Ponham Sunset by MStoeckle

Biltmore at Sunset by GoProvidenceRI

Untitled by appylovee

DSC_2928 by dadofliz

Jupiter and the Moon Rise over Newport-1 by Royston_Kane

Jan. morning-2 by enjoiskate8

Rocky Sunrise at Pt Judith Lighthouse - Mike Dooley by mike_dooley

night tree by marion faria

Snowy Owl by jbmikmaq