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Architecture ~ The Hope Club ~ Providence

The Hope Club
6 Benevolent St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Two summers ago, Bear and I were enjoying a stroll down Benefit Street when we heard the gentle strains of harp music in the air. We followed it to a building on the corner of Benefit and Benevolent Streets, a big Victorian with a hexagonal room protruding from the side. The music was coming from those windows, and naturally we were intrigued. The sign outside the entrance told us this was The Hope Club. We hadn’t heard of it before.

Curious, we climbed the stone stairs, entered and looked around. To the right, a small room with leather chairs and dark wood bookshelves. To the left, an elegant lobby with couches and a fireplace. And in front of us, a greeting window that looked a bit like a hotel check-in desk. In a moment a young woman came out to greet us. When I explained that we were curious about the building, she politely explained that it’s a private club. That was our cue to exit.

Fast forward a year and a half to January…

Artists ~ Karen Malcolm

Business name: MalcolmStudioShop
Location: Online and at local art shows
Google Plus:

1. Tell us about your work:

I’m a mixed media artist. I create 3d constructions, 2d collages and works on canvas using found objects and other recycled and natural materials. I grew up in Rhode Island and am very influenced by my seaside New England roots and have a slightly irreverent fascination with all things old. That means that I’m not afraid to alter an old object to help me tell a story. I also like to have fun and find humor in the everyday. I hope that my work reflects this. It’s great when people see my work, get it, and smile!

My New England practicality means that I also up-cycle, recycle and creat…

Events ~ Providence Monthly’s 2013 Ten to Watch Party ~ Providence

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Providence Monthly’s 2013 Ten to Watch party at the Hope Club in Providence.

The place was hopping with people. Not just the Ten to Watch, but their co-workers, admirers, friends and people like me, who wanted to see and meet these ten people, from whom we expect big things in 2013.

The event benefited the RI Urban Debate League, so there were representatives from that organization as well, including some of the high school student participants.

Catering by Cozy Caterers was excellent, with lots of interesting offerings from the typical (Beef Wellington) to more unusual. But we weren’t there for the food. We were there to learn more, network and generally have a good time in the Hope Club’s gracious environment.

Mayor Taveras shared some opening remarks, and Providence Monthly’s editor read off the names and made presentations. The Ten to Watch include entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, the arts and philanthropists:

The Arts

Dining ~ Pot au Feu ~ Providence

Pot au Feu
44 Custom House Rd.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 273-8953

Bear observed that the 17th birthday is a bit of a letdown. It's the one sandwiched between the all-out celebration of the sweet 16 and the milestone 18. She didn't want a big party this year, but instead a fancy dinner with her, me and her boyfriend D. She chose Pot au Feu.

"Pot au Feu" is French for "pot of fire." It's a traditional French beef stew with root vegetables and spices that's a fixture on family dinner tables.

The dining room is downstairs below street level. There's lots of brick, stone and warm wood, which gives the sense of a comfortable wine cellar.

After being plied with some extremely good fresh bread, we started our meal with hors d'oeuvres of pate maison and escargots bourgignon.

Bear was taken aback by the jelly covering the pate, but after tasting it declared it very creamy and well-seasoned. I thought it was quite good, too.

Although Bear has had …

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Bus Stop by Armadillo Commander

Untitled by ArtFan70

Winter Tree by Bell7283

Golden Moment by Bellamy Photography

December 26-1 by Carly Sabatino

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Judith Point Lighthouse, RI by dhfore

Strange light on Block Island by E Godfrey

rolling in_ by enjoiskate8

Top of the Biltmore by I {heart} Rhody

Bank of America Ice Skating by GoProvidenceRI

Tunnel entrance by Mr. Ducke

Iggy's by mike_dooley

Cold foggy day in Newport by leith70

Retro seating by kobrienjewelry

Providence Nightscape by Jerri Moon Cantone

Providence Skyline by MStoeckle

The Tropigals by Cat Laine : Painted Foot

Providence by provbenson2009

ODC3 Topple: Explore June 17, 2012 by R Joanne

Little Compton Graveyard by Rick Payette

Marine art on the east side of Easton's beach. by robert.rinkel

Taylor Point-10 by Royston_Kane

Providence by ShutterCub Photography