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Events ~ Holiday Faire ~ Meadowbrook Waldorf School ~ West Kingstown

Holiday Faire
Meadowbrook Waldorf School
West Kingstown, Rhode Island
November 23-24, 2013

Artists ~ Marcia Clark ~ East Glocester

Artist’s name: Marcia Clark
Shop name: One Bead At A Time-Store locations around Rhode Island
Silver and Gold Dreams - Etsy online shop and Facebook Page
Location: East Glocester

1. Tell us about your work
My work is almost completely inspired by materials I see, stone, crystal, clay, etc. I rarely sketch a design before starting a piece. I may have a general idea of what I want to do, and it just flows as I go through my materials.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I cannot limit myself to certain styles or materials... it's just impossible. I am always bursting with ideas, so I can't say I have a "signature style". I will do a Victorian looking necklace and then next I am making a Goddess pendant.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from many areas. Certainly from nature, I have been collecting rocks, minerals and crystals since I was young. I also love the natural desi…

From the I {heart} Rhody Flickr group

Pink Heals Rhode Island Chapter by E Godfrey

Over the Rainbow in RI by BarbaraS2009

Sunset | Watch Hill, RI by kylenolin

Providence Skateboarders by Jerri Moon Cantone

Osprey Frerich takeoff by jambori39

Super Moon Providence by GoProvidenceRI

Sunset! by kravi2011

Untitled by appylovee

kpbb-0064 by KBPic®

Mt. Hope Bridge - Bristol, RI by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

090313-111 by jwessel

Bus Stop by Armadillo Commander

Providence RI 2 by Gil Aegerter

Events ~ Nightmare on Angell Street ~ Providence

Nightmare on Angell Street
Coco Pazzo & English Cellar Alehouse
165 Angell St.
Providence, Rhode Island
October 31, 2013 - 7:00 p.m.

Artists ~ Jill Lucena ~ Providence

Artist’s name: Jill Lucena
Shop name: Jill Lucena Upcycled Accessories
Facebook:Jill Lucena Upcycled Accessories

1. Tell us about your work
I create upcycled accessories that are handmade from aluminum cans, old greeting cards and other materials that were once destined for the trash.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I have been designing jewelry for several years working mostly with sea glass and natural materials. I became interested in the concept of upcycling when I discovered that beautiful, interesting and wearable accessories could be made from items that most people consider trash.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I have always been a very observant person so I feel like I am naturally stimulated by everything around me. I can become inspired by the simplest thing (like the color of a coffee cup!) and from there the design just flows.

4. What’s your favorite item to create?

Artists ~ Kathie Tinkham ~ Pawtucket

Artist name: Kathie Tinkham
Shop name: wishwithme
Website: wishwithme.etsy

1. Tell us about your work:
I have a shop on the Etsy website named wishwithme. I design and create miniature animals, dolls, bags and more. My specialty is the hand stitching of tiny whimsical felt creations. I especially love working with felt as my medium because it gives me the ability to control the placement of the tiny stitches. Because of Etsy and the amazing world wide web, I have customers in 19 different countries. I give my customers the opportunity to customize and they even ask for things I don't have in my shop. They ask me to make animas that are hard to find or they're just a fan of my work and they want me to create something new and unique for them. I do my research, sketches, patterns and their wish comes true. That's where the name wishwithme comes from. I work with my customers to give them jus…

Events ~ Craftopia ~ Pawtucket ~ November 10, 2013

Hope Artiste Village
1005 Main St.
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
November 10, 2013

Artists ~ Monica Hollow ~ West Warwick

Artist’s name: Monica Hollow
Shop name: Hollow Wares

1. Tell us about your work
I'm an artist, musician, hypnotherapist, life coach and Reiki healer. I create hand made spiritual items such as spirit boards, crystal jewelry, organic teas, natural salves and lip balms, paintings, and I offer Reiki healing sessions, tarot card readings, hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions. I became what I would call a Witch at the age of 10, so my artwork, music and spiritual products are greatly influenced by my eccentric path.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer? 
It seems it was just something that I naturally progressed into. I've been a creative person all my life. I first began drawing and writing music as a kid. As a teenager I began creating synthetic dreadlocks and selling and installing them for people I knew. I also started creating digital art with photographs I would…

Events ~ Gallery Night Providence Ghoulish Gala

Gallery Night Providence
Ghoulish Gala
John Bacon Salon
343 S. Main St.
October 27, 2013
5pm - 8pm

Events ~ Knight Memorial Library book sale ~ Providence

Knight Memorial Library
275 Elmwood Ave.
Providence, Rhode Island

From the I {heart] Rhody Flickr group

Fall Color (along Hope St.) - Bristol, RI, USA by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

Kendrick-Prentice-Tirocchi House; 514 Broadway, Providence by 1W57thNY

Untitled by appylovee

Historic Homes in Providence by GoProvidenceRI

Superman Building by I {heart} Rhody

Betsy Williams Cottage #2 by Macedo295

Old Stone Bank by rilurky

ODC2 White by R Joanne

Untitled by provbenson2009

John Hunt House circa 1750 by MyDay247

South Kingstown Public Library by robtm2010

Cliff Walk _ Salve Regina_6 by sixkings55

the Turk's Head Building (Providence, RI) by t55z

RWP Casino.jpg by Wilks2010

Artists ~ David M. Gaskill ~ North Kingstown

Artist’s name: David M. Gaskill, P.E.
Shop name: Pinventions

1. Tell us about your work-
I am an engineer by trade, but have always done freelance art and design through the years. for "Pinventions", I rescue old (60's and 70's era) pinball machines, restore them to working order, then strip them down to bare wood and add in my own designs- digital graphics as well as hand-painted features- to reinvent them with a totally new theme. To this I add in unique electrical or mechanical features of my own making- piggybacking on new technology but keeping and reusing the original technology as the starting point. This process is symbolic of my own evolution in thinking, art, and adaptation of technology. The "about" link to my site goes into this concept a bit more

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I never had any formal training, but was always interested in the arts- I …

Architecture ~ Old Stone Bank ~ Providence

Old Stone Bank
86 South Main St.
Providence, Rhode Island

We love taking out-of-town visitors on tours of DownCity. As soon as we get to the river, someone will ask, "Oh! What's that?" They're asking, of course, about the green and gilded dome of the Old Stone Bank.

Because of the way the building is situated on Main Street, you really have to be right in front of it to see the base, but the dome is visible from many places around town. Especially on sunny days, the gilding gleams like a beacon.
"Old Stone Bank" was officially named "The Providence Institute for Savings" when it was founded in 1819. This building was its flagship branch, designed by architects C.J. and R.J. Hall in 1854. The building gave rise to the nickname "Old Stone Bank," which the bank adopted, even using Fred Flintstone as a mascot.
According to Wikipedia, the bank collapsed in the 1980s, after which the building was sold to Brown University, and later to a privat…