Shop Local ~ ouRIsland ~ Newport

Newport, Rhode Island

Just got my hoodie from @ourisland401 so soft! Love it!
Zipper hoodie
Just wanted to show off my new hoodie. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago from ouRIsland, and I love it! It's so soft, warm, 100% cotton (I recently committed to buying only clothing made of natural fibers). The photo doesn't really represent the true navy color. It's actually darker than what you see.

I knew it was a winner when Bear immediately asked to borrow it as soon as I showed it to her. She's worn it a couple of times, looking very proud of herself. The timing couldn't be better, either. It arrived just as the temperature nosedived (nosedove?) in early September.

We both love the insignia, too:

Our Life, Our Love ouR Island logo

Their customer service is great, too. Quick response and excellent communication. I have my eye on this guy next:

Native t-shirt


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