Architecture ~ The Merchants Bank Building ~ Providence

Merchant's Bank Building
Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Merchants Bank Building

Merchants Bank was founded in 1818, and located in a couple of different places in Providence before building the six-story Italianate building at 32 Westminster St. in 1855. The architects were Alpheus C. Morse and Clifton A. Hall, of Providence.

Although the first floor is under some kind of construction or restoration, the rest of the building stands mostly empty, which is a shame because the interior is impressive. RISD Works was housed there for awhile. I'm not sure if it still is. There's also a printing company in residence.

From its prettily appointed entryway
Entryway by I {heart} Rhody

up the six flights of stairs (or the elevator)
six stories by I {heart} Rhody

there is plenty of office space, including a very impressive top floor.

It's a shame there isn't more interest in this building. It seems to be well-maintained and in a good location.


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