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Architecture ~ The Merchants Bank Building ~ Providence

Merchant's Bank Building
Westminster St.
Providence, Rhode Island

Merchants Bank was founded in 1818, and located in a couple of different places in Providence before building the six-story Italianate building at 32 Westminster St. in 1855. The architects were Alpheus C. Morse and Clifton A. Hall, of Providence.

Although the first floor is under some kind of construction or restoration, the rest of the building stands mostly empty, which is a shame because the interior is impressive. RISD Works was housed there for awhile. I'm not sure if it still is. There's also a printing company in residence.

From its prettily appointed entryway

up the six flights of stairs (or the elevator)

there is plenty of office space, including a very impressive top floor.

It's a shame there isn't more interest in this building. It seems to be well-maintained and in a good location.

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Untitled by appylovee

Stormy Seas by BarbaraS2009

DSC_9589 by dadofliz

Bristol Waterfront - Golden Hour - Bristol, RI, USA by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

Stepping Stone Falls - RI by Greg MacKay

cool summer stream by enjoiskate8

Beavertail Point by robtm2010

Harbormaster Office by Macedo295

Furnace Hill Brook rises by Rick Payette

Sights ~ Old Narragansett Church ~ Wickford

The Old Narragansett Church 60 Church Ln. Wickford, Rhode Island

We don't get to Wickford often, so I was happy to see the Old Narragansett Church was open for tours when we were in town.
When coming from the main part of town, the church sits well back, at the end of a path of carved slate stones.

Two very nice and knowledgeable docents/church members (the church is still used for services in the summer) pointed out some of the features of the building. It was built in 1707 as an Anglican church (St. Paul's), and is the oldest Anglican church building north of the Potomac.

The focal point as you walk in the main door is the elevated "wine glass" pulpit that overlooks not only the pews, but also a gallery, originally for servants and enslaved people.

Along the right wall as you enter is the altar, complete with a gilded inscription of the Ten Commandments.
Opposite and up in the gallery is the organ, with its own storied history.
The organ is not original to the chu…

Artist ~ Lisa Calabro

Artist’s name: Lisa Calabro
Shop name: CrookedMoonMosaics
Twitter: Lisa Calabro @MoonMosaics
Pinterest:Lisa Calabro

1. Tell us about your work
I make one of a kind modern mosaic accessories, jewelry and art for your home. I use stained glass, glass tiles, semi precious stones, African Trade beads, metals, found objects, vintage jewelry, and vintage jewelry components.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
I've always been into art in one form or another. From drawing and painting to basket weaving, home and garden design, stained glass and everything in between! My father was a sculptor who studied in Italy and a jewelry designer. I definitely get my talent from him.

I started mosaics in about 2005 and was instantly addicted to it! I couldn't stop making things and decided to try a small local craft show. I was pleasantly surprised at the acceptance of my work and decided to get se…

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Photo of the Day #POTD June 16, 2013 Nest by its me _T

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Duke & Gus by appylovee

Goose Neck Cove - Aerial View - Newport, RI, USA by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

ODC2 Begins with F by R Joanne

Snow Bird_2 by sixkings55

Lily of the Blackstone Valley by jbmikmaq

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Pergola #1 by Macedo295

Artist ~ Deb Terilli ~ West Greenwich

Artist name: Deb Terilli
Shop name: Debs Designs

1. Tell us about your work
My jewelry making has evolved from simple beaded work to an array of metal forming to a mix of vintage repurposed jewelry. I love to search and rescue old vintage findings into a unique piece that the owner will love and wear all the time.

2. How did you become an artist/jewelry maker?
Good question.
I am a nurse and have been for many years. But my dad was in the jewelry business when the small state of RI was the jewelry capitol of the world! At the start, I made jewelry to relax after a day at work, I made simple pieces that I shared with co-workers and friends. Since then, it has evolved into a passion.

3. Where do you draw your inspiration?
My inspiration. My work is inspired by the simple things in life. Raw metal can be turned into a beautiful original piece of jewelry.

4. What’s your favorite item to create?
My favorite piece to c…

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Castles of King by Armadillo Commander

DSC_9509 by dadofliz

splash on the jetty by I {heart} Rhody

Beavertail State Park Seascape by mike_dooley

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