Dining ~ Succotash ~ Providence

373 Richmond Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 228-7222

Succotash by I {heart} Rhody

While waiting for a bus on a hot summer morning a week or so ago, Bear and I happened upon Succotash. They had only been open about a week at that point, and we were excited to have something to eat and a cool place to wait.

The inside has a clean and industrial feel, with unfinished wood on walls and tables. Bear said, "The inside is very beautiful. I love the raw woods, the chandeliers, the black and brown, and the general ambiance."

Succotash dining room

Succotash bar

Succotash juice board

She continued, "Melissa, our waitress, was very soft-spoken but sweet and eager to help." I agree, the whole staff was friendly and welcoming. Melissa in particular was very attentive.

We arrived at about 11:30, so brunch seemed like a perfect idea. They also offer a juice bar and a variety of innovative cocktails. If I hadn't been on my way to work, I would have tried the blueberry mint lemonade.

As it was, I ordered traditional eggs Benedict. It arrived with thick slices of toast and ham. I'm not a huge fan of ham, as it tends to be saltier than I like, but this was not. It was tasty, and a good accompaniment for the lemony Hollandaise and the tang of gruyere. I was pleased to see that they use Rhody Fresh eggs. Local has been our byword for awhile now, and it's a happy trend among restaurants, too. The side of brunch potatoes were mildly seasoned and tasty. Sadly, the photo didn't turn out.

I'd love to try this version of eggs Benedict on grilled slices of sweet cornbread sometime.

Bear ordered a croissant and the waffles Benedict. She said, "the presentation was great but the croissant was so hot that it burned me when I touched it. That's one way to ensure freshness I guess.

Succotash waffles benedict

"My potatoes were a little burnt, but were very well-seasoned. the berries tasted fresh.

"I appreciated greatly just how much bacon they put on my eggs. It was a nice touch. The eggs were perfectly cooked too. I really enjoyed the gruyere cheese. The waffle was hard to cut through, but who am I to complain when it tasted so good?"

Bear and I agree that Succotash will be our brunch go-to place in the future.


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