A couple of new Providence tourism commercials


  1. You think the first one's a little "off"? I mean, selling the city on its 15,000 parking spaces?

    We wrote something about it on Transport Providence. I think it's the wrong angle for the city, especially when there are good ways to get here from New York (Megabus, Boston (MBTA), and most of Rhode Island (RIPTA and/or bike) without a car.

    1. I have to agree. Even for drivers, it's a strange way to sell the city.

  2. We're really hoping that Park(ing) Day (www.facebook.com/providenceparkingday) helps to address this problem in the city. Providence has *too much* parking, especially of the free variety (see map of downtown: http://www.gcpvd.org/reports/providence-parking-crisis-illustrated/

    Providence is on the mark to beat larger cities in per capita terms, and maybe even in absolute terms, for the number of people who are signed up for parklets. Some years, NYC has maybe twenty parklets for Park(ing) Day, and PVD already has fifteen confirmed. Go Rhody!


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