Sights ~ The Charter Museum ~ Providence

Rhode Island Charter Museum
Rhode Island State House
82 Smith St., Room 43
Providence, Rhode Island

Charter Room door by I {heart} Rhody

On Saturday, June 22, the State House cut the ribbon on the new Charter Museum, in honor of the Charter's 350th anniversary.

According to to the Charter Commission's site,

"Rhode Island’s Colonial Charter holds a unique place in the evolution of human rights in the modern world. When King Charles II approved the Charter in July 1663, it marked the first time in modern history that a monarch signed a charter guaranteeing that individuals within a society were free to practice the religion of their choice without any interference from the government. This freedom was extremely radical in an age marked by wars of religion and persecution of people for religious beliefs."

The museum itself is a room in the State House on the first floor.

Charter room introduction by I {heart} Rhody

You follow the perimeter past some maps and small cases of artifacts, carefully curated.

Charter room map by I {heart} Rhody

Roger Williams artifacts by I {heart} Rhhody

and finally into an enclosed space where the Charter stands in state.

Charter by I {heart} Rhody

The charter is an important part of our state history, and well worth a visit.

The Governor's office has a good video on the significance of the Charter:


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