Public art ~ Gun Totem ~ Providence

Across from the Federal Courthouse is a strange concrete monument. From a distance, it's hard to make out just what's going on with that tall gray obelisk, but moving closer you can see the detail.

Gun totem by I {heart} Rhody

More than 1,000 handguns, de-activated and archived in cement, make up the "Gun Totem" by Boris Bally. The guns came from a buy-back program initiated in 1994 in Pittsburgh. The work was commissioned by the Providence Parks Department, and constructed in 2001.

According to Amusing Planet (where I got all my information on this piece), the guns were fossilized in cement, which was then chipped away to show parts of the interior.

Gun totem by I {heart} Rhody

It's fascinating from every angle, and you could spent a good bit of time circling the monument, going on tip-toe and crouching down to see the architecture of the guns themselves, their design and how they fit together into the piece.

Gun totem by I {heart} Rhody


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