Dining ~ The Grange ~ Providence

The Grange
166 Broadway
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 831-0600

The Grange exterior by I {heart} Rhody

We first realized The Grange had opened on our way to the brunch at Gracies during EatDrinkRI Fest. I finally got a chance to give it a try...

I was charmed as soon as I walked in the door. The Grange makes full use of "reduce, re-use, recycle" in their decor, and I loved it. Particularly the swing benches. The music is a mix of folk/blues that was upbeat, but not intrusive.

The Grange hostess station by I {heart} Rhody

The Grange decor by I {heart} Rhody

The Grange long table by I {heart} Rhody

The Grange serves vegetarian and vegan food that strives to be locally sourced. Because everything is local and seasonal, the menu changes regularly. When I was there, they'd been open for 11 weeks and were on their 10th menu. I learned this from the server, who was extremely attentive, patient and friendly.

I'm a looong way from being a vegetarian, although I do enjoy veggies. I opted for the deviled eggs with smoked gouda and fried shallots.

The Grange deviled eggs w smoked gouda by I {heart} Rhody

They were amazing! There was a sharp, bacony tang from the smoked gouda, but the filling was smooth, without the chunky bits that I find so distressing. They were topped with an artful arrangement of fried shallot to add a bit of crisp oniony flavor. So, so good.

The main dish was roasted broccoli with green garlic preserves and lemon aioli with hazelnuts.

Oh roasted broccoli. Where have you been all my life? by I {heart} Rhody

This was very good, too. I hadn't tried roasted broccoli before, and found it added a different flavor that I really enjoyed. It was served with crushed hazelnuts and garnished with broccoli flowers. It never occurred to me that broccoli flower, but apparently they do. And they're quite good.

I would have liked the hazelnuts to be toasted, but otherwise thought this was an excellent dish.

Dessert - and I was surprisingly full after a meal of two eggs and some broccoli - was a chocolate plate. Who says no to a chocolate plate?! I had to try it.

The Grange chocolate plate by I {heart} Rhody

Coffee coconut ice cream was served alongside chocolate cake and chocolate mousse, all atop a swipe of ganache, all vegan. The ice cream was made with coconut milk, and had the feel of a sorbet rather than traditional ice cream. It was very good - probably the best of the three. The chocolate mousse had a definite coconut undertone and was creamy and rich. The cake was good on its own, although a bit gummy. But alongside the mousse, it completely lost its flavor. Once I tried it with the ice cream, the flavor really came out.

The Grange has a bar and cafe as well. Its service is superb, the food is great, the prices are reasonable. I'd definitely recommend it, and bring out of town guests there to show off Providence's food scene.


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