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Rhode Island Pride Fest 2013 by provbenson2009

Riverside Sunset-11.jpg by MStoeckle

Bristol Cliff by Armadillo Commander

Ashore by Rick Payette

ODC2 Begins with K by R Joanne

Scarborough in a thunderstorm by appylovee

morning light on the coast by enjoiskate8

Sights ~ The Charter Museum ~ Providence

Rhode Island Charter Museum
Rhode Island State House
82 Smith St., Room 43
Providence, Rhode Island

On Saturday, June 22, the State House cut the ribbon on the new Charter Museum, in honor of the Charter's 350th anniversary.

According to to the Charter Commission's site,

"Rhode Island’s Colonial Charter holds a unique place in the evolution of human rights in the modern world. When King Charles II approved the Charter in July 1663, it marked the first time in modern history that a monarch signed a charter guaranteeing that individuals within a society were free to practice the religion of their choice without any interference from the government. This freedom was extremely radical in an age marked by wars of religion and persecution of people for religious beliefs."
The museum itself is a room in the State House on the first floor.

You follow the perimeter past some maps and small cases of artifacts, carefully curated.

and finally into an enclosed space where the Char…

Artists ~ Joanna Read Cotter ~ Providence

Artist’s name: Joanna Read Cotter Shop name: Joy in My Studio Twitter:@joyinmystudio Other – [art portfolio]

1. Tell us about your work I create hand-painted silk scarves and neckties. The process is just as important to me as the end result –it’s truly a moving meditation. I start with white silk, and everything I make is created with nontoxic materials and painted freehand, without stencils or tracing -though occasionally I’ll carve my own stamps and use those.
I recently created a scarf with a GoPro camera mounted to my head and made a 2-part time-lapse video to walk my viewers through the process of how a scarf gets created from start to finish – including all of the work that goes into each piece after the painting is complete. I did this to allow my audience gain a better understanding of how each piece is a unique work of art, …

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winter storm by enjoiskate8

Moffett Mill_5 by sixkings55

Ninigret Pond [20452] by Rick Payette

Kennedy Plaza by Armadillo Commander

Saint Martin De Porres by ArtFan70

Ye Olden Forbidden Alley by provbenson2009

Industrial Magenta by MStoeckle

Dining ~ Spirito's ~ Providence

477 Broadway
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 444-4435

Spirito's is an Italian restaurant located in a pretty Queen Anne-style house on Broad Street. I'd admired the architecture a number of times, and Bear and I finally got a chance to check it out.

Since the building (formerly a private home and later a funeral parlor) is now owned by the Italo-American Club of Rhode Island, we expected authentic Italian cuisine, and that's what we got.

We were seated in one of the front dining rooms, which must have been a parlor in the house's history. It definitely had an Italian influence in the wallpaper, in tune with its Victorian architecture.

We started with an order of calamari. It's usually prepared with hot peppers, but we ordered it without. As is often the case when you take away a major flavor component, they ended up a little bland, but still well-prepared.

Bear's order was the sample platter, that included ravioli, meatballs and sausage.

The raviol…

Artists ~ Emily D'Ambra ~ Warren

Artist’s name: Emily D'Ambra
Shop name: Vintage Infused Accessories by Emily

1. Tell us about your work
Vintage Infused Accessories by Emily is a collection of different jewelry and accessories designed by me and inspired by different jewelry from the 20's-60's. Everything is either handmade by me or created using different pieces I have found among many jewelry suppliers all found on I create pieces I truly love and wear everyday. I hope other woman of any age will as well!

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter/designer?
Ive been into arts and crafts since I was a little girl. In fact, I believe the obsession started when I received my first bedazzler!! Any fabric in the house, had to be bedazzled (which my mom wasn't always too pleased with). In college, when the funds were low, I started making crafts as Christmas gifts for all the women in my family. This over t…

Public art ~ Gun Totem ~ Providence

Across from the Federal Courthouse is a strange concrete monument. From a distance, it's hard to make out just what's going on with that tall gray obelisk, but moving closer you can see the detail.

More than 1,000 handguns, de-activated and archived in cement, make up the "Gun Totem" by Boris Bally. The guns came from a buy-back program initiated in 1994 in Pittsburgh. The work was commissioned by the Providence Parks Department, and constructed in 2001.

According to Amusing Planet (where I got all my information on this piece), the guns were fossilized in cement, which was then chipped away to show parts of the interior.

It's fascinating from every angle, and you could spent a good bit of time circling the monument, going on tip-toe and crouching down to see the architecture of the guns themselves, their design and how they fit together into the piece.

Events ~ Downtown Farmer's Market ~ Providence

Downtown Farmer's Market
Tuesdays, June 18-October 29, 2013
3:00 - 6:00 PM
Kennedy Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island

Dining ~ The Grange ~ Providence

The Grange
166 Broadway
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 831-0600

We first realized The Grange had opened on our way to the brunch at Gracies during EatDrinkRI Fest. I finally got a chance to give it a try...

I was charmed as soon as I walked in the door. The Grange makes full use of "reduce, re-use, recycle" in their decor, and I loved it. Particularly the swing benches. The music is a mix of folk/blues that was upbeat, but not intrusive.

The Grange serves vegetarian and vegan food that strives to be locally sourced. Because everything is local and seasonal, the menu changes regularly. When I was there, they'd been open for 11 weeks and were on their 10th menu. I learned this from the server, who was extremely attentive, patient and friendly.

I'm a looong way from being a vegetarian, although I do enjoy veggies. I opted for the deviled eggs with smoked gouda and fried shallots.

They were amazing! There was a sharp, bacony tang from the smoked gouda, but the filling was …

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sentinel in the morning fog by enjoiskate8

Keep Woonsocket Beautiful by ArtFan70

Seaweed by sixkings55

Providence Skyline by rilurky

natural sculpture by Rick Payette

Lincoln State Park, Rhode Island, early spring by print57

Design ~ Alix & Nick's home on Apartment Therapy ~ Jamestown

Congratulations to Alix and Nick, who had their Jamestown cedar shingle home featured on Apartment Therapy!

A couple of our favorite shots (all via Apartment Therapy):