Shop local ~ J. Joy's Sugar Shack ~ North Providence

J. Joy's Sugar Shack
1910 Smith St. Unit 15
North Providence, Rhode Island

I had a Groupon for J. Joy's Sugar Shack burning a hole in my pocket, so I stopped in to give it a try. The owner, Linda, was so friendly. We chatted awhile, and I brought my dozen cupcakes and brownies home for the Bear Taste Test. Fair warning: she's merciless.

Red velvet cupcake by I {heart} Rhody
Red velvet
"Hard and super dry. I can barely break off a piece. It doesn't have the chocolatey taste that a red velvet is supposed to have. But the icing is so good! It's light but not too sweet."
I also found it a bit hard, but agreed that the icing is very good. There was an undertaste that I couldn't quite identify.

Baileys cupcake by I {heart} Rhody
The Bailey was also hard, but it tasted definitely of Baileys. Bear felt it tasted too much of alcohol (I love that the taste of alcohol is a turn-off for her), but I really liked it. The texture of the cream topping and filling was smooth and luxurious, and the dollop of chocolate on top also had a distinct Bailey's flavor.

Snickerdoodle cupcake by I {heart} Rhody
"The cake was really moist. The frosting is really, really good. I like the crystalization on the top. There wasn't too much cinnamon sugar on top. It tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie. It hits that nice note between sweet and savory." I liked the sparkle in the cinnamon sugar and the cinnamony-ness of the frosting, though I thought it was a bit grittier than the Baileys.  The cake was buttery with a touch of saltiness that complimented the sweetness.

Vanilla cupcake by I {heart} Rhody
"The frosting's too sweet, but the cupcake itself is really good. It's not overly sweet, a little salty, but I like that." I agree that the saltiness is an intriguing element. I'm not usually a fan of the plain vanilla, but I liked this one.

Carrot cake cupcake by I {heart} Rhody
Carrot cake
"Tastes too much like the snickerdoodle cupcake. The frosting has a strange taste I can't identify." I agree that the carrot cake needs more carrot and maybe some nuts.

Rice Krispie cupcake by I {heart} Rhody
Rice Krispie cupcake
It's hard to go wrong with Rice Krispie treats! This was is good. There's some color in there, and I can't tell if it was added on after or during the mixing process. The chocolate frosting had some of that same unidentified flavor. Both of us are wracking our brains to figure out what it is. Familiar, but...

Mounds brownie by I {heart} Rhody
Mounds bar brownie
Bear liked the flavor, but didn't care for the texture of the frosting. I thought it was delicious, very heavy on the coconut (in a good way), and with a dense, rich brownie base. A little goes a long way with these. It took me all afternoon to eat one.

courtesy J. Joy Sugar Shack
Chocolate peanut butter
Linda described this as "crazy good" and she was right. The brownie base is excellent, and the thick, crumbly peanut butter and chocolate topping made this easily my favorite of the treats. It, too, is very rich and the peanut butter is just the right combination of sweet and salty. Bear didn't try this one, as she doesn't care for peanut butter.

The winners: Chocolate peanut butter brownie, Mounds bar brownie, Bailey's cupcake, Snickerdoodle cupcake.

Linda also makes occasion cakes, pies, cookies and muffins.


  1. Good morning to you! My name is Linda Santos and I am the owner of j. joy's sugar shack. I am so happy that you stopped in to try my goodies!
    I am sorry that both the red velvet and the Irish cream cupcakes where hard. I assure you that is not the norm and I would love for you to come by another time so that I can give you complimentary cupcakes to show you the norm!(which is light, fresh and moist!)
    Please let me make it right for you! Thank you for the reviews. It is much appreciated since we are a new business in town!
    Just one correction: my address is 1910 Smith Street, Unit 15, North Providence, RI 02911.....not on Mineral Spring Avenue :)

  2. thanks for posting this! i drive by this place all the time, but never took the time to stop!

  3. I also found an undertaste. It reminds me of the taste you can get with butter that has picked up flavors from the fridge or butter that is not fresh or good quality.


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