Shop Local ~ Farmacy Herbs Rhode Island Red tea

Farmacy Herbs
28 Cemetery St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 270-5223

While picking up my bicycle at Dash Bikeworks, I noticed some Farmacy Herbs teas for sale. Naturally, I was intrigued by "Rhode Island Red," so I bought a bag home to try. Warm weather tends to be my iced tea season and when I'm particularly drawn to lemon flavored things.

We've seen Farmacy before, at the Wintertime Farmer's Market, and have tried to stop by their store on a couple of occasions. Sadly, we managed to miss them at the store, since they tend to be open when I'm at work.

Farmacy Herbs Rhode Island Red tea by I {heart} Rhody

It was well worth the wait. I'm no herbal expert by any means, but I did enjoy the taste of the dark red blend. Bear liked it, too, and we've decided to try it iced as well.

I like it unsweetened, and love the hint of lemony taste. We're looking forward to drinking it throughout the summer, and to trying some of their other flavors as well.

Farmacy Herbs Rhode Island Red tea with avocado by I {heart} Rhody
nothing like a nice hot cuppa


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