Book review ~ Stuffie Summer by David Norton Stone

Get Stuffie Summer: One Man Eats Every Stuffed Quahog In Rhode Island (And He's Not Clamming Up About It) 
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This paean to the Rhode Island's signature shellfish dish in a shell, the stuffie, is a quick, entertaining read. A brief 46 pages, the book takes us through Stone's summer (probably in 2012), where he came to Rhode Island from New York every weekend to eat stuffies everywhere he could find them. Some of the stories are disjointed and roundabout, but it's still fun to read them, and share his enthusiasm.

While it seems like he never met a stuffie he didn't like, he does wax rhapsodic about a few. When his stuffie summer came to an end, he created two recipes, one spicy and one lemony, and shared them at the end. I'm going to try the lemony one, probably sometime this summer.


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