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OaklandBeach_ss1 by sixkings55

ODC2 Dwarfed by R Joanne

So Calm! by kravi2011

Turner Reservoir-15-Edit-Edit.jpg by MStoeckle

Ninigret Pond, as the ice begins to thaw by Rick Payette

Armory Farmers Market opens Thursday, 5/30

Armory Farmers Market Thursdays, May 30 - October 31, 2013
3:30 - 7:00 PM
Dexter Training Ground
Providence, Rhode Island

From the Farm Fresh RI blog:

"On Thursday, May 30th the Armory Farmers Market opens with a seafood celebration in the West End of Providence. Two local chefs will compete, using a local mystery fish, to win top honors at the first Rhode Island Seafood Throwdown hosted by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. The event will be from 4-6pm at Dexter Training Ground on Parade Street (the market runs from 3:30-7pm). The Local Catch, a vendor at the Armory Market, will provide the mystery fish and after sampling the chefs’ creations, you can purchase some for yourself!
Chef James Mark of North in the West End will be competing against Armory Market regular, Peter Gobin of Mijos Tacos. The event will be emceed by Michael Gazdacko, Director of Development and Operations at Urban Smart Growth and Host of Providence PechaKucha Night, and John Taraborelli, Special Proj…

Book review: A History of the Providence River: With the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket & Seekonk Tributaries by Robert A. Geake

A detailed look at the history of the Providence River and its tributaries, the Moshassuck, Woonasquatucket and Seekonk.

One fun thing about reading a book like this is how much there is to learn. Since most settlements are set up near water, often the earliest history of a region is found near them. From the ancient natives to present-day conflicts about restoration vs. industry, the Providence River has been at the center of much of the area's history, and Geake brings a lot of it to life.

I found it more engaging than I expected, and not at all dry. It skipped around a bit rather than going in strict chronology, but it was all clear, and was more than just a story of what happened on the river, but how that impacted the surrounding communities.

Video ~ Skating Providence

We know very little about skateboarding, but we've seen lots of boarders around Providence and at Neutaconkanut Park, where I've taken a few pictures.

Skaters Donny Barley, Eric Pupecki and Kevin Lynch show off Providence's hotspots for boarding.

Shop local ~ J. Joy's Sugar Shack ~ North Providence

J. Joy's Sugar Shack
1910 Smith St. Unit 15
North Providence, Rhode Island

I had a Groupon for J. Joy's Sugar Shack burning a hole in my pocket, so I stopped in to give it a try. The owner, Linda, was so friendly. We chatted awhile, and I brought my dozen cupcakes and brownies home for the Bear Taste Test. Fair warning: she's merciless.

Red velvet
"Hard and super dry. I can barely break off a piece. It doesn't have the chocolatey taste that a red velvet is supposed to have. But the icing is so good! It's light but not too sweet."
I also found it a bit hard, but agreed that the icing is very good. There was an undertaste that I couldn't quite identify.

The Bailey was also hard, but it tasted definitely of Baileys. Bear felt it tasted too much of alcohol (I love that the taste of alcohol is a turn-off for her), but I really liked it. The texture of the cream topping and filling was smooth and luxurious, and the dollop of chocolate on …

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Spring has Sprung by GoProvidenceRI

Superman Building by provbenson2009

Trees in bloom - Colt State Park, Bristol, RI by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

10 ducklings with mom by doubleagent

Lincoln State Park, Rhode Island, spring by print57

Book review: Politics & Pasta by Buddy Cianci

Anyone who refers to themselves as "glib" has either a great sense of humor or an enormous ego. Buddy Cianci has both.

You can't live in and/or around Rhode Island and not know "Buddy." He turned Providence from a crime-ridden eyesore to a thriving and beautiful city. Even the people who hate the man appreciate the city's resurgence. And despite his felony conviction, there are a lot of people who'd vote him back into office.

In his entertaining and open memoir, he recounts his youth, his law practice and his terms as mayor. He brags about his high points (often with good reason), and talks frankly about his lows, including the investigations, scandals, indictments and the conviction that landed him in Federal prison for five years.

If you've ever heard his radio show, you'll realize that the book is written very much in his own voice. As Politico wrote, Buddy is "[b]eguiling, hilarious, with an excuse - and a joke - for everything." …

Dining ~ Noble Knots food truck

Noble Knots
food truck

Last weekend I went up to the Hope Street Block Party. There was fun and food galore, including Noble Knots. I decided to check them out.

It turns out the knots in the name comes from the fresh-baked pretzel bread they use on their sandwiches. They have a small but interesting selection.

I ordered the braised rib sandwich, but without the onions or tomato marmalade.

It was excellent. The bread was fresh, the meat tender and juicy, with just a little bit of char. Although it was a bit bland, that was my own fault for ordering it without the onions and tomato marmalade. Next time I'll try it with the tomato marmalade for just a tiny extra kick. And maybe a "Jane Dough," which is a grilled pretzel roll with cheese sauce.

And oh yes, there will be a next time!

Publication ~ The PVD Lady Project Summer Guide 2013

Or click here to read it on Issuu.

Book review ~ Stuffie Summer by David Norton Stone

This paean to the Rhode Island's signature shellfish dish in a shell, the stuffie, is a quick, entertaining read. A brief 46 pages, the book takes us through Stone's summer (probably in 2012), where he came to Rhode Island from New York every weekend to eat stuffies everywhere he could find them. Some of the stories are disjointed and roundabout, but it's still fun to read them, and share his enthusiasm.

While it seems like he never met a stuffie he didn't like, he does wax rhapsodic about a few. When his stuffie summer came to an end, he created two recipes, one spicy and one lemony, and shared them at the end. I'm going to try the lemony one, probably sometime this summer.

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some photos of animals this week...and a taste of spring.

Spring, spring, spring... - Hope St., Bristol, RI by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

Oh Baby! by jbmikmaq

Red Hen by sixkings55

Swan by Armadillo Commander

Circular Swan by I {heart} Rhody

turf war by jambori39

Providence river by provbenson2009

DSC_8501 by dadofliz

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Artists ~ Kit Salisbury ~ Providence

Artist’s name: Kit Salisbury
Business name: Off Soundings Design
Location: Providence, RI
Etsy shop:

1. Tell us about your work
Off Soundings Design offers one-of-a-kind hooked creations that combine the fine-hooking materials and techniques of previous generations with up-to-date versions of primitive and traditional designs to create distinctive and classic items for my clients' homes. My maternal grandmother and great-grandmother hooked beautiful rugs; I hook everything BUT rugs! I offer a number of finished hooked items and collections: pillows, table runners, draft stoppers, tea cozies, trivet surrounds, holiday mittens and stockings. Each design is drawn by hand, without templates, so each is unique. The color palettes vary from item to item as well. Like fingerprints, my designs can look similar but no two are ever identical.

2. How did you come to be a professional artist/crafter?
I've always done f…

Art scene ~ "Obey the Giant"

For those unfamiliar with Shepard Fairey's work, welcome to Providence, where it started. Obey the Giant is a film by (then) RISD student Julian Marshall.

I should note that the film's been out for more than a year...sometimes I'm a bit behind the times.

Shop local ~ Mayor's Own Marinara Sauce

We'd been hearing about The Mayor's Own Marinara Sauce since before we moved to Rhode Island. Local interest books talk about it. A conversation about "Buddy" Cianci that lasts more than five minutes mentions it.

I finally found it at our local Stop & Shop and decided to give it a try.

The sauce pours out thick and a little chunky. It smells fresh. We only gave it time to heat through on the stove, as we didn't want it to cook down. We wanted the real taste, so we didn't add anything to it.

I served it over whole grain pasta, since that's what we had in the house.

Bear loved it. She thought it was delicious, and came back for seconds. I thought it tasted bright, fresh and tomato-y, but that it was lacking...something. We usually buy store brand sauce and doctor it ourselves with spices, herbs and red wine. I was probably missing the wine. Even so, I thought it was very good.

It's definitely pricey ($4.99 for a bottle), but a portion of that goes …

Event ~ The Sketchbook Project ~ June 13 ~ AS220 ~ Providence

The Sketchbook Project
95 Empire St.
Providence, Rhode Island
June 13, 4:00 - 8:00 pm

I got an email today about the upcoming Sketchbook Project summer tour, that's coming to Providence in June. I'd never heard of it, but after reading about it, it seemed very interesting. Artists from all over the world have sent sketchbooks to the project and museum in Brooklyn, NY. The summer tour takes some of them on the road around the U.S. I love traveling exhibits!

from their press release:

"The Sketchbook Project is a global, crowd-sourced art project and traveling exhibition. Since 2006, the Sketchbook Project has encouraged participants from all walks of life to fill the pages of a blank sketchbook. The results are cataloged in the Brooklyn Art Library and shared with the public in venues around the world. The collection currently includes more than 26,000 sketchbooks representing nearly 8,000 cities worldwide.

This summer, Steven Peterman, co-founder of the Sketchbook Proje…

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focusing on public art this week...

Get Gored for Good by provbenson2009

P1050006.jpg by MStoeckle

WaterFire - Providence, RI, USA by Juan_Carlos_Cruz

Providence in fire! by kravi2011

Gun totem by I {heart} Rhody

DSC_4489 by dadofliz

S.75-AL-America One by ArtFan70

Doughnut by Macedo295