Dining ~ Sakis ~ Providence

199 Weybosset St.
Providence, Rhode Island
(401) 277-2546

Sakis by I {heart} Rhody

Not long ago, Bear, D and I were Downcity, and hungry. Our wallets were almost as empty as our stomachs, but we stopped into Sakis for dinner.

The first thing we noticed was how spacious and clean everything looked. That's a full bar on the second floor.

Sakis interior by I {heart} Rhody

There was a nice array of ready-made and hot items.

Saki counter by I {heart} Rhody

D ordered pizza. He really seemed to like it, and said he'd come back to order more. From the laconic D, that's a rave.

Sakis pizza by I {heart} Rhody

Bear got a chicken parmesan sandwich. She was already not feeling at 100%, but she didn't enjoy the chunky sauce and said the meat was "flavorless."

Sakis chicken parm by I {heart} Rhody

I got a gyro. I thought it was very good. The meat was well spiced with a cool and tangy tzatziki sauce. I'd definitely recommend it.

Sakis gyro by I {heart} Rhody

Based on some comments on my Flickr photos, this used to be a pretty rough-and-tumble place. I can't speak to its safety now, but it was quiet and pleasant when we were there at 6:30 on a Thursday evening. The person at the counter was pleasant and accommodating, and even brought the food to our table when I couldn't carry it all.

Although I don't have a picture, I also got a piece of baklava that was flaky and delicious. We'd go back to Sakis again, but Bear will probably order something else.


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