Doing good ~ Rhode Island Hospital ~ Providence

Rhode Island Hospital logo, via I {heart} Rhody

Rhode Island Hospital
593 Eddy St.
Providence, Rhode Island

I want to tell you about "Jake."

Bear and I met Jake as we were waiting for the same bus to take us from Rhode Island Hospital to Kennedy Plaza.

While we waited, Jake shared what must be a small part of his story.

Late last year he fell from a bridge, 32 feet to the ground below, and suffered multiple broken bones. He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital, where he stayed for months.

Jake didn't have much to say about the medical care one way or the other, although he's obviously recovering and is in good spirits. What Jake wanted to talk about was the staff.

His hospital stay included Christmas, New Years and his birthday. While he was there, the staff got him a cake, a new pair of sneakers to replace the ones that were destroyed in the accident, cards, and the hot wieners and fries he craved. His doctor bought him a new hat to replace the one he'd lost.

We didn't talk long, but it was long enough to know that Jake was well cared for, not just in body, but in spirit. That speaks volumes for Rhode Island hospital.


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